Predator 2

released on Dec 31, 1992

An action game based on the movie of the same name.

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Lousy game. Rambo III does basically the same thing already, on the same console, three years earlier, and sucks less (and even then it's not exactly good either). I will say, though, it's very fun to poke at and laugh at. It's one of those anti-drug games where you just shoot to death anyone you see and they drop like needles and crack pipes and shit, then every single time you pick one up it says "🚫DRUG SQUAD". Does any of this happen in Predator 2? or 1? Or any of them?
The music is pretty amusingly poor too. The first few levels it sounds like a typical below average Genesis soundtrack, then in the last few levels it just becomes constant warbles. Maybe it's supposed to sound spooky or something but it's just really bad and really funny, albeit grating. The sound effects consist of "Help!" and "Yeah!", over and over. Hostages share them, enemies share them, you share them. Sometimes you or a hostage gets exploded by a predator and they let out this scream that sounds more like a squawk from a bird. These are essentially the only things you'll hear alongside gunfire and previously mentioned anus music.
I also found a spot in the final boss where he couldn't hit me despite throwing like 4 different attacks all across the room, so after emptying my machine gun I just stood in that spot and shot him until he fucked off. Wonderful stuff.
So no, it's not good. Not at all, in fact actually playing it is kind of a pain in the ass, but it definitely makes for a good laugh. Probably a good game for a vc or something.

Predator 2 deserves a mention for being the most ridiculous anti-drug game of all time, the game oozes with 80s "Winners don't do drugs" vibes, being an ultra violent game opposing drugs to gain moral credibility.
While the game technically features predators, the main concern is the swarm of drug-dealing gangsters taking the whole city hostage. For some reason, the predators teamed up with the drug smugglers, taking a shipment of cocaine to their home planet, the entirety of the game is spent in the streets, shooting gang members in a top-down shooter and confiscating needles, the last level transitions to the Predator spaceship guarded by a Berserker Yautja; you inevitably blow it up and save the day.
The game is short and has a complete score system which makes it replayable. The game is there because it's a surreal experience, it's not a good game, but it's not terrible either, save for the ridiculous premise.

A great little top down isometric shooter that follows the progression of the movie quite well.
Nothing special, and maybe a little too easy and short for some, but I'll give it an extra half a star for giving me nightmares as a child.

This game is very strange. It's one of those games you think you remembering liking but then seeing it in front of you immediately think no this game is whack. It's a top down shooter. It's really hard to aim and walk at the same time and enemies are infinitely respawning. The object of the game is to save all the hostages in the stage before the predator snipes them from afar. Which is hella strange as the predator would never kill a defenseless person. Did they even watch the movie this is based on? The collectible items are drugs and narcotics which is really weird. Yes I know your a cop and it's predator 2 but it still feels weird. I know it's a game but man this cop sure doesn't care how many bodies drop from his guns. There are more criminals in this world than normal people. But you wanna know the most weird thing about this game? It's sound design. The OST doesn't fit this game at all. Look at that title logo and the music that goes with it. This is Predator 2 a hard R monster movie and this is the jingle you choose to display it? The other sample are really bad too but I'd be damn If I could hear them through that loud gun bang every millisecond.