Project +


released on Mar 17, 2020

Inspired by and based off of Project M, Project+ is a brand new community-driven experience! With tons of new stages and modes, hundreds of balance changes, and even a new character, there's no limit to the fast-paced action.

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Somehow they made PM even better. If you are interested in competitive platform fighters please consider this one. Please.
Knuckles main btw.

please play this game im fucking begging you

Played it once recently, I like knuckles, wanna play it more but I won’t and I’ll just keep playing melee

Project M and its community is incredibly important to the internet and gaming as a whole. It proves that no matter what hurdles a company throws you, dedicated fans and talented people will always overcome them. Following the depressing closure of Project M due to fear of a C&D from Nintendo, from the ashes rises Project +. It's everything you loved about Project M except with a plus. More stages, more gameplay tweaks and of course: Knuckles the Echidna. Installing Project+ isn't as complicated as one might think, so I definitely think it's worth a play