A kindly old inventor created a park and filled it with incredible puzzle-like climbing toys called Pushmo. But a little trickster has trapped kids inside the Pushmo, and now it’s up to our hero, Mallo, to push, pull and climb his way through the puzzling playground to save his friends! The Pushmo game features more than 250 fun and challenging puzzles. As you solve them, you’ll discover new gadgets that will add to the challenge. Complete certain sets of Pushmo to open additional game features, such as Pushmo Studio, which lets you create, play and even share your very own Pushmo puzzle creations.

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Masterpiece in puzzle design. Such an inventive concept.

I really like this game. It’s cute and quite short but it has some charm to it.

I think the puzzles of this game are very clever. Because of that, and because of my terrible skills at puzzle games, I had a tough time with this game. I also really enjoyed the main character's design as well as their bumbling nature.

It started off as a novel and cute puzzle game where you push and pull blocks that I found fun, but my enjoyment started to really waver towards the 4 star and above puzzles as it made me realize that doing those higher level puzzles required actual foresight, and not me just manhandling and hoping the blocks I pushed lead towards the top, was a skill the game was asking from me that I did not have/learned. I don't know if there were specific tricks to the game I was supposed to pick up on and mentally keep a bookmark of, but towards the final few levels of the special challenges, I just decided to use a guide as you have to move the blocks in a certain order so many times it was really getting on my nerves that little John Pushmo and the rewind function were so insanely slow where I was already struggling on trying to figure out the puzzle in general.
Playing this game where I had to stare at colored blocks when some of my play sessions were around a few hours really drained my mind and made me feel like I was in a padded cell made to look like a Rubik's cube with a single plushie in a sumo outfit.