Quest 64

released on Jun 01, 1998

Celtland has been cast into chaos by the theft of Eletale's Book. This mystical volume contains the secrets of the Spirit Tamers. Control Brian, a magician's apprentice, as he explores the expansive countryside and villages on his quest. If he does not reclaim the book, the Kingdom of Celtland will be cast into darkness forever.

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Being one of the few RPGs on the n64, i tried this several times, on one attempt i played through about maybe 20 hours but had no real desire to finish it. it's not well designed and even what story is there is not very compelling.

You ever just think about how bizarre it is that the N64 only got one RPG released in the West?

Underrated gem. Just make sure to play the Japanese version.

played the japanese version. still 5 stars. the way it imagines 3D landscapes for a classic RPG story is really nice. yes the battle systems are broken but that's okay. Really wish we saw more JRPGs of this scale/style

somehow got lost after playing for ten minutes

This game is my most guilty pleasure.
I like it despite I know is VERY flawed.

...I really like it.