Rage of the Dragons

released on Jun 06, 2002

In a town ruled by an evil religious cult, the battle to decide the strongest dragon begins! Each Contestant is a champion who contends with the power of mighty dragons: Black Dragon, Red Dragon, Blue Dragon, and White Dragon. Go head to head in a tag-team partnership to test your attack and defense in the heat of battle.

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Didn't think this is how I would be introduced to SNK's extensive fighting game catalog, but I'm glad I did. Enjoyable gameplay, a good selection of characters, beautiful graphics, and music. Honestly one of the most underrated fighters I've played in a long time.

"Hey boss, how edgy should we make the secret character?"
"...of death..."
"Got it boss!"

I love games with autistic women

Rage of the Dragons
Lembra do Double Dragon? É, puta merda foi da lama ao vinho de mais alta qualidade.
Puta jogo bonito, gameplay gostosa, personagens carismáticos, stages bonitos, OST BOA e mecânicas MUITO originais. É sem dúvida um dos melhores jogos de lutas que já joguei, e é um CRIME ser tão desconhecido.