Rainy Season

released on May 01, 2020

The family was ready to visit the amusement park, but plans are cancelled due to weather. This is a story about an ordinary family spending time at home during the rain.

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Usually I like these types of games, but I was just mostly bored by this, the whole "look for the one thing that makes anything happen gets tiresome really fast.

Al contrario que con Nostalgic Train, Rainy Season se siente mucho más subordinado a la estructura de una trama episódica propia de un capítulo más sobrio de Shin-Chan o a uno de los sketches de Mis Vecinos los Yamada. Creo que este juego incentiva la exploración, y el carácter infantil que va unido a esa actividad, de una forma más nítida. Pero sigo teniendo un poco de dificultad conectando con estas evocaciones nostálgicas que no he vivido. Con It's Summer directamente me sentí perdido, pero con Rainy Season creo que me quedé un poco agarrotado por la superficialidad de los personajes.
Unlike Nostalgic Train, Rainy Season is much more subservient to the episodic structure of slightly more serious Shin-Chan story or a sketch from My Neighbors the Yamadas. I think this game encourages exploration quite well, and the childlike wonder that comes with it. But I still have a little difficulty connecting with this nostalgia evocation for a moment that I'm not sure I can connect with. With It's Summer I just felt lost, but with Rainy Season I think the characters were the thing that set me off.

this is definitely the kind of game that isn't for everyone; at it's core, it's mostly just a walking simulator limited in scope and event. for what is lost in breadth, however, is made up in spades by depth.
for me, an asian-american kid growing up in the 2000s who spent a lot of time at relative's houses and other sort of things involving family, this game perfectly encapsulates the vibe of just being aimless and having an innocent view of the world as a kid without any of the emotional baggage of real life. all of the details put into it are so perfect — the randomness and haste of the placement of all of the objects you can look around in and inspect in every room (as well as the rooms themselves, and the stories behind them), the shrine dedicated to family long gone, the ornamental knick-knacks scattered about, the sort of loose "cramped but free" feeling to the place, the interactions with family members and how they act and interact with you and what you're doing, even the daydreams are delightful and charming, and remind me of the same kinds of things i'd lose myself in when i was 10. everything here just matches in my head that kind of feeling of being stuck at my grandparent's house while my parents were off doing something else, and having to keep myself occupied without any of the things i had at home.
i think for most people who are open to playing this, it does a fantastic job at capturing a slice of life that you take for granted as a child, but come to desire and nostalgically look back upon when you grow older. for someone like me though, coming from an asian background, this game perfectly hits all of the memories and experiences i remembered growing up. i might be biased in giving this 5 stars, but i cried while playing it, so i don't really care — whoops!