released on Jun 26, 2007

Players relive the film's most thrilling moments as they assume the role of Remy, a young rat who dreams of becoming a great French chef, despite the obvious problem of being a rat. From the underground sewers to the bustling streets of Paris, players dash, glide and slide through 6 action-packed worlds filled with dangerous enemies, heists and perilous missions. Players can go head-to-head with their friends in multiplayer mini-games or navigate their way through a sensational rat race that turns the culinary world of Paris upside down.

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Ratatouille for Nintendo DS is a 3D platformer spiced up with touch screen cooking mini-games. The platforming aspect is decent enough, you can wall scramble by mashing the A button and wall jump by pressing B. Your objective in most levels is to find required items which involves a little bit of exploration, or the levels can be a linear (or non-linear) A to B affair. I think the level design in this game isn't as dull as it is in GBA version, I kinda enjoyed myself, but this game does have a big issue. There aren't many unique levels, so you'll find yourself playing the same levels a few times, which becomes a bit repetitive. Another issue, which is similar to GBA version, is that it's lacking in challenge. There's plenty of hazards, but the health pickups are also almost everywhere. There are also stars, with 100 earning an extra life and lives themselves can be occasionally found. By the end, I've earned more than 30 lives, and only died a single time. The only challenging part of this game is cooking. You use touch screen to draw different patterns in tap in some way to prepare ingredients, which is timed. Then you cook the dishes by stirring the cooking, then throwing some stuff in when its time. You can use a microphone to cool down the dish if its about to burn. Unlike GBA version, I have not burned a single dish. Lastly, you finish the dishes with more touch screen action. These mini-games aren't as common and serve as a nice break from 3D action. Even though I failed finishing the dish/preparing an ingredient a couple times, I didn't feel like there was any sort of punishment, I guess the only punishment is spending more time doing these, since the cooking is on a time limit. Still though, it felt more stressful than the 3D platforming, that's for sure. The graphics look pretty decent with few slowdowns, but the music is pretty much the same as in GBA version, it has that French style but I didn't think it was super special. Also, it doesn't loop properly in this version, transitioning into ambient noises. In the end, repetitive platforming does knock this game from being decent to average, but I do think it's vastly superior to Ratatouille GBA. If you wanted to play a Ratatouille videogame, this DS one wouldn't be a terrible pick, though Asobo's version is still a much better option.

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This game's idea of a final boss after a handful of just okay platforming is a Simon Says reverse camera chase segment that barely lasts a minute. At least the cheat codes are interesting

Decent platformer that overstays it's welcome.

this shit funny asf so i bump it up a star


"This is a blessed game. One of history's greatest, if not the best game in all of gaming history."
~ Kaiser Wilhelm II