Ravenous Devils

Ravenous Devils

released on Apr 29, 2022

Ravenous Devils

released on Apr 29, 2022

An horror cooking simulator where you manage an evil family business. Improve your shops buying new tools and serve your customers.

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A real treat, I managed to get every trophy, I didn't want to stop playing. I wish it was longer, very much enjoyed the morbid adventure while it lasted. I would play more story DLC for sure.

I dunno if "cute" is the appropriate term to describe this game, but that's all I could think after I finished it. Cute little game! A fun thematic twist on the restaurant management genre, even if the mechanics are nothing new. Shoutout to the meat preparing animations. I was as mesmerized as I was horrified.

The game is repetitive. It’s fairly short. And the mechanics are butt however it’s a fun dark twist on a cooking sim. I think the dev needed better funding and maybe the game works better on PC than console where it could have been great.

There’s only a handful of recipes you make and the timing can stink but even if you don’t do well you can’t really “fail” a day you might just delay when events trigger.

My biggest complaint was actions take forever for your character and since it’s a point and click you can only click once wait for the character then click the next step.

Example if you are cooking and you click the flour then the tray too soon she cancels the flour and just picks up the tray. So you have to wait for her to walk to the flour pick it up then click the tray. It adds so much stupid time for tasks. You try to go fast and it is impossible.

While you can miscook a recipe you can’t overcook food nor does it go back. Same for tailor shop. You just lose a customer if you’re too slow.

If the came was adapted to console controls vs point and click it could be a really fun game. It’s easy to platinum if you take a little extra time to do everything like grow the plant.

Overall I wanted something more and better but didn’t hate playing to complete.

don't forget to pet the cat.

Ravenous Devils is your average cooking management game, only you're a cannibal husband and wife on the run choosing to serve your customers human meat until you inevitably have to leave this town and move onto the next one. It... kind of gives off bargain bin Sweeney Todd vibes, can't lie.

This game was pretty fun to play, yes, but this has to be one of the only simulator games that I have played that seems to get harder with every upgrade you buy. Managing the kitchen and middle areas is very tedious work compared to managing the tailor shop and greenhouse (when you unlock it). Even after unlocking the ONE helper you get for the main floor, I still found myself getting extremely flustered when it came to earning new recipes and trying to keep up with the number of things I had VS what the people wanted (don't even get me started on keeping up with my displays). As the game went on, I found myself going through each day just wondering when it'll end along with constantly regretting spending money on upgrades.

The story is slightly interesting, but nothing to really write home about, especially not the half-assed ending. I just preferred to play the simulator part and didn't care much for the storyline. The voice acting is top notch, though. I also loved the art style of the character icons and the game animations.

Would I recommend this game even through its flaws? Yes, 100%. It was a fun, unique experience for a management game.