Ravenous Devils

released on Apr 29, 2022

An horror cooking simulator where you manage an evil family business. Improve your shops buying new tools and serve your customers.

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Bağımsız yapım olduğu için 2 puan veriyorum yoksa 1 puanı bil e hak etmez. Oyun hoşuma gitti fakat sonra tekrara düşüyor. Geliştirmeler bi noktadan sonra bitiyor.
Ama hoşuma gitti. O yüzden LİKED.

mindless fun and really cheap indie game
if i had to hear the man's voice acting for another minute i would've turned myself into a meat pie
shoutout to hildred for being effortlessly able to lift people and throw them into a meat grinder but complain about a crate of tomatoes being too heavy

ok that one ate. they should've added endless mode!

I wonder if the people taste good

A short, but enjoyable game with a lot of potential. They've recently added an Endless Mode to the game, so with luck we could see a sequel that can expand on the mechanics. Highly recommended, if you're a fan of Sweeney Todd.