Rayman 2: The Great Escape

released on Oct 22, 1999

With its enchanted storybook look beautifully translated into 3D, lush, vibrant colors, funny enemy designs, and clever jumping puzzles, Rayman 2 is platforming perfection. Michel Ancel's platformer shines the brightest on Dreamcast, but every version is a charm. No arms, no legs, no problem for the little French creation that could.

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what got me into videogames as a kid, magical atmosphere

really good game for its time
also has an amazing soundtrack

The N64 version is still really good but it gets half a star off for having a vastly inferior soundtrack compared to the Dreamcast version

kinda crazy how every rayman game has been anything ranging from good to fantastic (except u Arena). crazy character and level designs. and a green cartridge!

Bem melhor que o primeiro, o mundo é legal e as fases são divertidas, ainda que o controle poderia ter sido melhor, um dos jogos de plataforma definitivos da sua geração, mas levemente injusto.

Love those pirates so much I decided to pirate games ever since.