Red Dead Redemption

released on May 18, 2010

A modern-day Western epic, Red Dead Redemption takes John Marston, a relic from the fast-closing time of the gunslinger, through an open-world filled with wildlife, mini games and shootouts. Marston sets out to hunt down his old gang mates for the government, who have taken away his family, and meets many characters emblematic of the Wild West, heroism and the new civilization along his journey.

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A great game for it's time
So I've finished Red Dead in the xbox 360, unfortunately I experienced a ton of bugs.. don't know if it was the xbox version or if I was just too unlucky but I think the best choice is probably playing a more recent version.
Well, it's an extremely mature story with a deep and bitter end, making the game totally worth trying just for the story itself, tho it wasn't the most refined gameplay, the game was released in 2010 so it was expected, as I said in the title I'm sure it was a great game for it's time, nowadays it's just alright.
In the end I enjoyed but I wouldn't play it again.

Red Dead Redemption tells an emotional story set against the backdrop of the old West. After playing its sequel, I have a much greater appreciation for the first game's story and characters. It all weaves together so well.

I don’t think I hold this game to as high of a regard as others, but I still really enjoyed. I felt a bit of lull during the early sections of Mexico, but as the Mexico arc closed I felt myself getting reeled back in. I think the world design and traversal leaves a lot to be desired. Riding horses in a barren desert in silence is not as fun or interesting gameplay wise as driving a sports car through oncoming traffic with the radio blasting, at least to me. In fact, my favorite portion of the game was when they actually played a song, “Far Away” during your usual country side gallop when you first entered Mexico, which the moment much more meaningful and enjoyable, a touch a really appreciated. I still had a great time with it overall, and I am excited to play Red Dead 2, especially to see how it builds up to this game story wise as a prequel and how it develops the gameplay.