Red Dead Redemption

released on May 18, 2010

A modern-day Western epic, Red Dead Redemption takes John Marston, a relic from the fast-closing time of the gunslinger, through an open-world filled with wildlife, mini games and shootouts. Marston sets out to hunt down his old gang mates for the government, who have taken away his family, and meets many characters emblematic of the Wild West, heroism and the new civilization along his journey.

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Amazing. I loved it so much. Heartbreaking ending.

A little janky and ugly now but has so many incredible moments. The ending is burned into my brain.

really makes you feel like a cowboy

better than red dead 2 because no arthur and actually dutch is kinda funny

Great story, cast, and tons to explore with good fighting mechanics as well. never played the second but its on my list to get to eventually