Red Dead Redemption

released on May 18, 2010

A modern-day Western epic, Red Dead Redemption takes John Marston, a relic from the fast-closing time of the gunslinger, through an open-world filled with wildlife, mini games and shootouts. Marston sets out to hunt down his old gang mates for the government, who have taken away his family, and meets many characters emblematic of the Wild West, heroism and the new civilization along his journey.

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And... oh, I got to tell you, it was perfect. Perfect. Everything, down to the last minute details.

My parents were oddly strict about me getting GTAIV so while I was waiting for my first proper GTA experience I managed to wrangle them into line just in time for Red Dead's release.
Because this was my first time getting my hand's on a 18+ rated Rockstar game I think the impact of it was tenfold for me. It just had everything I wanted as a spotty teen. A great setting, quality shooting mechanics and interesting mission design.
Throw in a fantastic story and you've got yourself a masterpiece.

Sou incapaz de julgar qualquer coisa desse jogo.
Pode falar o que quiser da Rockstar, mas ninguém supera tecnicamente os caras. A partir do GTA 3, só lançaram pérolas que estavam, no mínimo, anos na frente de qualquer outro jogo da época. E mesmo hoje, 13 anos depois, não é nada fácil encontrar um jogo tão divertido quanto Red Dead 1, é loucura que ele ficou preso na geração xbox 360/ps3 e mais loucura ainda que ele saiu nesses consoles.
Personagens muito bem escritos, a narrativa não te deixa piscar, gameplay não cansa e mesmo depois de zerar você quer continuar jogando. O final do jogo é simplesmente genial. Pra quem está acostumado com o humor do GTA, chega até a ser estranho um jogo da Rockstar que se leva tão a sério, mas o resultado disso é incrível.
Além da história principal, as missões secundárias são igualmente cativantes, até arrisco a dizer que gostei mais delas do que as que tem no GTA. Já ouvi dizerem que "o mapa do jogo é vazio", mas sinceramente prefiro mil vezes mais um mapa "vazio" porém com a garantia de que cada coisa que aparecer pra mim, sejam missões, eventos aleatórios, atividades, etc. são de qualidade, bem escritos e realmente valem meu tempo de lazer do que um mapa Ubisoft-like: um trilhão de missões e atividades genéricas que poluem o mapa com ícones e aumentam artificialmente o tempo do jogo.
Enfim, falar que apenas recomendo não expressaria 5% do que realmente eu queria expressar. Estou ansioso pro Red Dead 2, que é de conhecimento geral que é de um primor técnico absurdo.

The most hilarious thing I can point out about RDR is that it's a sequel to game, which doesn't exist. Or more like, it didn't exist before, since RDRII is a thing now. But that doesn't really excuse the story structure of this one.
The majority of the game is spent on you hunting down some guys who you don't care about, to save your wife and son you also don't care about. Or more like, the protagonist surely does care about all that, but you as the player couldn't give less of a shit. What doesn't help is how most of the story you're just running in circles, with John Marston being treated like a naive schoolboy for most of the game. He constantly gets lied to and treated like a fool, and never even once we see an actual reaction out of him, with him just going along with doing stupid, life threatening and pointless jobs just for a chance to get a lead on some bandit who, again, the player doesn't know or care about.
The gameplay isn't much of a help either. Most of the missions are you just doing repetitive, boring things. Get ready for the same "ride shotgun and shoot waves of attackers", or "keep up an npc and shoot waves of attackers" or "shoot waves of attackers while hiding behind a rock". Not to mention that here Rockstar really likes to place mission markers sometimes in the opposite part of a map from where a mission actually takes place. You can imagine my frustration and annoyance, when I bothered to ride (or fast travel) from the opposite side of the map, only for a mission to start with a long shotgun ride which takes me exactly to the place I had to walk from. Rockstar just needed to insert their classic car talk here, even if it means actively hurting the game. And most of the Mexican missions are like that.
And oh yeah. The map. Is this just me, or did Rockstar overcorrect in their attempt to shrink things down to accommodate that there are no drivable cars in this game? Because honestly, all my immersion kind of disappears when I can travel between 2 widely different locations in just 2 minutes with barely any transition. And Blackwater? It's a joke, how could that ever be mistaken for anything resembling a city? And that while the story likes to treat it as such, meanwhile in my gameplay it's just 5 houses surrounded by nothing.
I honestly feel like all those glowing reviews and praise come from an alternate reality, where RDRII came out earlier than this, and all the boring missions got hotswapped with exciting setpieces that Rockstar was previously known for. Because this is just heavily, agressively mid.
P.S. fuck you Microsoft for bundling the HD versions of the games with the golden guns dlc which you can't turn off. they look ugly and unfitting.