Reflexia Prototype ver.

released on Aug 31, 2022

Reflexia's story starts out as a parody of its genre and ends as a psychological drama.

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final meio bunda mas tem algumas ideias interessantes ainda que clichê... se você gosta da série milk vale a pena pelo menos testar esse aqui

✔️ Played on Steam Deck, it works smoothly (26/03/2023). You willl need to use the touchscreen for the menu and choices and A button for advancing text.
What it seems to be a silly little parody of dating sim games turns into an interesting bunch of reflections and feelings thrown at your face. Nothing too new since this is not the first 4th wall breaking visual novel and also the feelings depicted are quite recurrent in this kind of games but definitely worth the read and quite relatable at some point.

Parody visual novels only ever know three jokes - meta humour, being presented with choices that can't actually be picked, and "hahaha you're playing a dating sim isn't that WACKY", but this game thinks they're the three most original ideas in the world, so my first impression was "wow this visual novel REALLY has its head up its own ass" and...I don't think I was wrong with that call whatsoever after finishing BUT...I honestly did quite enjoy it
The artstyle is nice, the achievement aspects are fun too and while this game isn't as original as it thinks it is, the execution is pretty strong

It was fine. The main thing to note is that I actually was kinda creeped out, mainly by her eyes. Those spirals of madness...

p cool but it's very inspired by evangelion and the ending is kinda eh

"But there's always a person who cherishes your feelings more than everything." Ngl this game is peak