Resident Evil

released on Mar 22, 2002

A remake of Resident Evil

Resident Evil is the 2002 remake of the original 1996 video game of the same name featuring various improvements and gameplay overhaul. The game features all-new graphics and sound, and also incorporates gameplay elements from the earlier installments. While the overall plot remained mostly unchanged, several new areas and rooms were added to the game. This remake also features many additional modes, secrets and various endings over the original.

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one of the best resident evil games, i've played through this endlessly and only have very few achievements left WHICH I WILL GET EVENTUALLY!!!! at least i hope so, because i genuinely loved replaying this game over and over and it would be so rewarding to 100% it. PLAY RESIDENT EVIL.

really good looking game with amazing atmosphere. good gameplay bogged down by its length and how much backtracking there is... there's just sooooo much. and you'd think it wouldn't be that hard to traverse a mansion but it feels like they went out of their way to make it as annoying as possible. love this game, but very very annoying to play. overall id say it's good

Made me an instant believer in the classic survival horror format. The presentation is excellent barring those hitches between camera angles that come from the disk-based medium. The story is super corny but still strings you along from location to location well enough that I don't mind. Pro Tip: don't waste ammo on dogs, always run past them.

Instant classic, very enjoyable from start to finish, it really felt like every bullet counted. Thanks to that I ended up with a bunch of spare ammo for the grenade launcher (not for the shotgun, tho). The only annoying part was the inventory management and having to see the door animation over and over, but they didn't really hinder the experience.

This is the first incredible remake that set the bar for everything else. It took the heaps of potential groundbreaking first entry that was bogged down by terribly stale dated writing and visuals. And improved that amongst everything else. And wow did it pay off.

This is my favorite Resident Evil game by a lot and that's saying a lot because (Classic) Resident Evil is also my favorite series. The graphical and gameplay updates went really far to make what was once a campy game into a genuine horror game with excellent gameplay.