Resident Evil

released on Mar 22, 2002

Resident Evil is the 2002 remake of the original 1996 video game of the same name featuring various improvements and gameplay overhaul. The game features all-new graphics and sound, and also incorporates gameplay elements from the earlier installments. While the overall plot remained mostly unchanged, several new areas and rooms were added to the game. This remake also features many additional modes, secrets and various endings over the original.

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resident evil is perfect as itself. i want to get pizza with jill valentine. resident evil is an almost infinitely fun survival horror game. the fun crosses over into my daily life; i have lots of fun calling any slightly large house a "resident evil mansion".

Depois de umas 3 revisitas eu finalmente pude entender e curtir Resident Evil. Não tenho muito a dizer, não tem Survival Horror clássico mais puro e refinado que esse.

i fucking love DOOOOOORS !!!!!!!!

Best survival horror game of all time, dont @ me.

Resident Evil is neither conventional or conservative in anything it does, half catering towards overly complex puzzles and tedious item retrieval, while the other half feats some of the most remarkably unique atmospheres and intelligent survival horror. What remains of such a ambitious game is an essential survival horror layered with equally genius and questionable design.