Resident Evil

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by Capcom

A port of Resident Evil

Resident Evil was planned for a GameBoy Color adaptation in a project outsourced to British company HotGen Studios, Ltd. Intended for an Autumn 1999 release, it was repeatedly delayed due to programming issues, and ultimately cancelled in March 2000 in favour of M4, Ltd.'s alternate proposal for a new game made from the ground-up for the console, which became Resident Evil: Gaiden.

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Extremely cursed, highly recommended, even if only for the weird background music and the insano-digitised "resident evil"

'Mastered' is an odd phrase to use here considering it's incomplete, but I have played this and done everything you can do in it.
To put it bluntly, this is bad. Really really bad. Much like with 1.5, you can see why it was binned. With 1.5, it was the meandering direction and how it felt incredibly amateur, while with this port, it all comes down to it being a demake of the original with no improvements made whatsoever. When Biohazard was demade for the Saturn, they added content and made sure the game's art style still looked good. Here, it's just ugly, and more importantly, embarrassing. Had this come out, we would've been laughing at it for years. Now though, hipsters on youtube cry about how it wasn't on the GBC.

one of the most technically impressive things ever made but HOLY SHIT IS IT UNPLAYABLE