Resident Evil 2

released on Jan 21, 1998

Resident Evil 2 is a sequel to the first Resident Evil title. Like the previous game in the series, Resident Evil 2 is a 3D action-adventure using three-dimensional polygon characters over two-dimensional pre-rendered backgrounds, with the action viewed through a variety of cinematic fixed camera angles in each room. Players can choose to play as one of two possible characters, each goes through the same initial scenario but with differences in the type of weaponry they find and the people they meet along the way.

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Oque está acontecendo nessa cidade?
RE2 é um exemplo de como fazer uma sequência superior ao antecessor, Além de ser uma sequencia de certa forma "Isolada" do primeiro, ainda existem conexões diretas com o antecessor.
A história e Narrativa do primeiro especialmente as falas eram duvidosas, mas aqui eles fizeram duas histórias coesas que se conectam.
Além do mais é um título que de fato enriquece e muito o Universo.

não tenho muito oq dizer, simplesmente bom pra krl

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…
No wonder Romero loved it and even directed one of its TV ads…
Resident Evil 2 lives rent free in my childhood nightmares, for it was the very first RE game I ever played.
The creepy CG opening cutscenes of both Leon and Claire gave me nightmares for MONTHS, but somehow only pushed me to play the game even further.
The opening streets of Raccoon City give off a vibe, completely unmatched to this day, even with the Remakes, and the following claustrophobic sections in the police station, sewers, and labs, only further increase the tension in a game that is so excellently paced and thought out.
This is the game that opened my 7 or 8 year old mind (give or take) into further exploring the Survival Horror genre, and created in me a long lasting impact that stands strong to this very day at my almost 30 years of age.
What a masterpiece of a game, and, a turning point in the gaming industry that allowed the games of today to be what they are.

Peak horror gaming. The police station lobby theme has been ingrained in my brain. The horror, atmosphere, story, characters and everything is just perfect. Really enjoyed both Leon and Claire's routes in this one. Loved seeing the different perspectives. PS1 Ada had me feeling different.

O ápice dos Resident Evil clássicos está aqui. Uma sequência que supera todos os aspectos do antecessor de 1996. Apenas Resident Evil 2.

great sequel new setting new characters but maintaining that great gameplay loop and exploration