Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition

released on Feb 28, 2014

A port of Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition is the second port of Resident Evil 4 to Windows, this time based on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions with updated graphics. In contrast to the original port, this version features lighting effects, real-time instead of rendered cutscenes (except in the Separate Ways campaign), mouse support and Steamworks integration.

This version features all previously seen additional content, including the achievements from the latest HD Console versions. The game can be played with SD and HD quality textures, a filter option and an FPS lock option was also added allowing the user to select from 30 or 60 FPS options.

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Not much new to say this time through, this is still one of the best games ever made. Everyone should experience this game in 60fps with the HD project mod and gyro aiming at least once in their life. A very rare genuinely perfect videogame. Dont get that remake if you've never played the original!

Played it for the first time in 2023 before the remake came out, still a masterpiece. If anyone calls this game clunky or says that tank controls are a flaw, you can safely disregard anything else they might say because they have no taste. I actually do think the remake is a better experience overall, but it's more of a reimagining so it doesn't replace the original.

Es increíble lo que cambio, para bien y para mal, a toda la industria teniendo en cuenta que va de un agente especial que tiene que rescatar a la hija del presidente de EEUU de un secuestro de una secta mutante española.

maaaaaaaaaan idk it just never clicked with me
wasn't atmospheric enough to be spooky, I didn't feel as brain-teased by the puzzles as I was with the PSX games, and it never really exhilarated me as an action game

Está longe de ser o jogo que eu mais joguei, mas com certeza é o jogo que eu mais vi outras pessoas jogando, desde vendo meu irmão quando eu era criança até séries no youtube e live streams.
Classicão. Mesmo com o ótimo remake que saiu agora, eu duvido que vão deixar de jogar ele.
Os temas das safe rooms de Resident Evil são uma maravilha. São tão calmas e passam um ar de segurança, como uma música que se colocaria pra uma criança dormir em um berço, mas também dão um sentimento de perigo constante, como um aviso de que a morte está chegando. E a safe room de RE4 e o tema do Mercador se destacam entre os outros Resident Evil, ouço já há anos.