Resident Evil 4

released on Jan 11, 2005

Resident Evil 4 is the sixth installment of the Resident Evil series praised as a revolution from the core games. It was the first title to implement a third-person view rather than the original fixed camera angles its predecessors had. Its mechanics have been completely revamped to incorporate fast-paced gunplay, quick controls and shoot-outs involving massive crowds of enemies in more open areas. The brand-new AI system and open environments allow enemies to work together to capture and corner Leon. Enemies are now humans, which allows them to climb up ladders, open doors, and use weapons throughout the game. Resident Evil 4 had one of the most tormented developments in any game, four proposed versions of the game were discarded by the developers before the finished product was released.

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I cannot do justice on how good this game is. It's so fun. It manages to be simultaneously goofy and terrifying. It made third person shooters into something that's actually pleasant to play. It's a masterpiece. Nothing less

I play this game once every year.

Le jeu d'action horreur parfait, j'irai jusqu'à dire le jeu d'action parfait

This game is sooo funny. The fact that it's a master class in pacing, set pieces, boss design, and difficulty balancing is really just icing on the cake.