Resident Evil Re:Verse

released on Oct 28, 2022

Beloved Resident Evil characters clash in a fight to the death! Test your skills against other players in six-person deathmatch battles. But don't forget the terrifying bioweapons! You'll need to master the skills of the heroes and bioweapons alike if you want to claw your way to victory!

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É um jogo divertido, mas escondido como uma DLC gratuita. Uma pena, tinha potencial.

Fun for like 10 minutes but because Capcom had little faith in it, they barely added any content so you get what the game has to offer very quickly. If I was making it, then I would have just cut the humans and just made the whole game based around monster fights, that would actually be pretty fucking sick. It is a sin that the only new characters we got where all just the idiots in Chris's goon squad.

rip :( te weinig liefde
wel goed idee

This is terrible. The gunplay makes shooting spitballs seem like actual combat, there is 0 feedback when shooting and when hitting your target, and the UI just sucks. Please avoid this at all costs.