Resident Evil: Revelations 2

released on Feb 24, 2015

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is the retail version of the episodic survival horror series that was originally released as four downloadable episodes. This physical version combines the entire story along with some extras, but not all the available DLC. The PC version did not receive a retail release, but the same content was bundled on Steam. The game comprises four episodes, each of which feature two separate stories. This sequel bears a stronger tone to the concept of survival horror than titles such as Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6. Elements of ammunition management as well as stealth or sneaking come into play in the gameplay.

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I didn't like this one that much. The gameplay similar to the first one is so tight and fluid but the characters annoyed me a lot. Moira and wesker especially.
It had it's good moments and a fair few interesting puzzles but overall it's just ok.

I'll be honest, I got pretty much nothing out of this. Strips everything Resident Evil 6 brought to the table in terms of style, nuance, personality, grit, and raw enjoyment factor - leaving nothing behind but a barren experience which people tout as a "return to form" for survival horror despite not being scary at all. Lacks both the bombast of later RE installments and the terror/dread of earlier ones, clearly wanting to toe back into its original genre but being too terrified of upsetting seventh-gen shooter addicts to fully commit - leading to a game that's confused on what it wants to be. I mean this is at least the fourth or fifth time they've tried recreating that Resident Evil 4 cabin siege. Like congratulations, you've made this competent... but it's also nothing else. Turning Barry's sections into a Last of Us ripoff actually isn't a terrible move, giving him the most character he's ever had here - but the overall story makes the grievous fault of trying to not only narratively continue whatever the hell Resident Evil 5 had going on, but also give credence to anything in Resident Evil: Revelations' total non-story. If this went out and did its own separate plot it'd be 100 times better, I should never have to hear the word "Terragrigia" ever again. The Kafka stuff works for a franchise about grotesque and indiscriminate bodily transformation but they don't lean into it hard enough, and the "True or False" stuff is just cringey. Even dismissing all that, the graphics are mid for their era and the mechanics are clunky - tell me with a straight face that you think the running feels good in this game. Deeply uninteresting villain, too (her rotten form is pretty dope though). Never thought I'd say this ever, but Raid Mode is actually the best part.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 (2015): Como siempre en estos casos, se salva porque en coop. casi cualquier juego es divertido. Diseño de niveles atroz, un último capítulo digno de denuncia, la historia floja y los enemigos muy mejorables. No me quiero imaginar jugándolo sólo (4,65)

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A solid offshoot to the RE franchise with a bigger focus on survival and horror and decent mechanics.
As another episodic offshoot this one landed better for me. It definitely brought us back to some solid survival horror and decent puzzling. The story was probably the best part to me (at least the attachment to the characters and their development). This time you play as two groups of people 6 months apart (minor spoiler), and how you handle things as the first group can impact events for the second. This was a nice touch and made it feel like your choices have consequences. There are four episodes where you play as each group (8 sections in total). The episodes were definitely longer than the last game but it felt more cohesive to me. Gun play and boss mechanics were solid. Though enemy variety was lacking it offered enough to keep things interesting. Also loved having Claire back, as well as Barry.
I played this entirely on Steam Deck and it played flawlessly. I had it set to medium graphics, and locked it to 60fps and 60hz refresh rate. It took me 16 hours to complete.
Overall, this was a solid entry in the franchise. Decent boss battles (although a bit frustrating the first go around learning the mechanics). The different mechanics at play with the 2 parties and the how one effects the other brought this one up a notch for me.

Joguei apenas o primeiro episódio e um pouco do online, o jogo é bem legal e tem uma jogabilidade bem fácil mas n posso falar de mt coisa.
>> Prós
• JOGABILIDADE : Tem controles fáceis de controlar.
• GRÁFICOS : Os gráficos são bons para a época.
• PERSONAGENS : Cada personagem anda em dupla e cada suporte possui uma habilidade especial para determinadas situações.
• ONLINE : Joguei mt mais o online q a parte da história já q ele possui várias coisas legais e divertidas.
>> Contras
• EPISÓDIOS : Um Resident Evil com episódios é bem estranho, acho q é o único ponto negativo.
>> Perso Favorito = Claire Redfield.