Retro Game Challenge

released on Nov 15, 2007

Thrown back in time to the 1980's, you are turned into a young boy and forced to play video games by an evil self-proclaimed "Game Master", Game Master Arino. Game Master Arino will test your gaming skills by throwing various challenges at you in a wide-variety of retro games including shooters, racing, action and even an epic role-playing game - your only way to return is to defeat him in every retro game challenge he throws at you.

But you are not alone in your quest-armed with access to gaming magazines, cheat codes can be found to warp to later levels, receive unlimited continues or even become invincible! A young Arino is at your side to keep you company during your challenges, quite amused at the fact that he grows up to be so evil in the future to be the cause of your current predicament. Test your skills with the awesomeness of the 8-bit era and prevent the retro games from exacting their revenge! An original game based on the popular Japanese GAME CENTER CX TV series, Retro Game Challenge reinvents how classic games are played by having the player complete short challenges in a wide-variety of games to keep the game play fresh and rewarding.

Specific challenges in shooters, racing, action and a role-playing game are integrated into the story, while the in-game magazines offer cheat codes as well as fake 80's news stories paying tribute to the rich history of the gaming industry. Whether it's 80's nostalgia for the seasoned gamer or experiencing classic 8-bit game play for the first time, Retro Game Challenge has something for everyone.

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a very fun little compliation of fake retro games presented in a lovely fashion. i liked the information gathering aspect of the game but the last challenge is kinda dumb. Play if you enjoy retro games in any capacity as this one simulates more than just playing the games, it rather simulates the experience of bein a kid when games were new and fresh. Looking at magazines for cheat codes, exploring the games for secrets, listening to your friends rumors, that kinda stuff. Stuff that nowadays has all been delegated to the internet. Deffo give it a try. Bonus points if you are already a viewer of Game Center CX, the japanese TV show this game is based off of.

A unique interesting homage to older games and the culture of the time. Aside from the fun NES-inspired games included here, you also get instruction manuals for each game, as well as a monthly magazine detailing secrets, cheat codes, and upcoming releases. It's an exciting playthrough that makes you yearn for simpler times.

El juego estaba yendo genial. La idea es maravillosa, y eso de hacerte sentir cómo se jugaba a los juegos en aquella época está muy guay. Me empieza a escamar en cierto juego que es como 20 veces más largo que los demás, y no apetece. Pero lo del final, el último reto, no tiene perdón

love a game that throws out the most fun part of its design at the end. effortlessly charming regardless. obviously the undub patch to make arino arino and not fucking yuri lowenthal is essential

I absolutely adore this game. My words can't do it justice, just play it.

A great little hidden gem that very well emulates the style of retro games it's referencing, alongside its culture of video game easter eggs/cheats and magazine guides. I do think they could have improved the game somewhat by not having 2 racing games that are more or less the same and 2 arcade platformers that are very similar in design, but regardless, this is definitely worth your time if you like diving into games of the 8 bit generation.