After crash-landing on a shape-shifting alien planet, Selene finds herself fighting tooth and nail for survival. Again and again she’s defeated, forced to restart her journey every time she dies. In this roguelike shooter, both the planet and your equipment change with every cycle, forcing you to adapt your play style and take on evolving challenges.

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great gameplay but the world didn't really hook me in as it appears to hook a lot of the people who love this game

Aunque se trata de un roguelike algo atípico en su estructura, la excelente jugabilidad y todas las buenas decisiones en diseño, enemigos y niveles lo convierten en un imprescindible si se es fan del género.

eu nunca consegui gostar de 1 roughlike na vida, mas returnal mudou totalmente isso.
o horror cosmico da historia simplismente me cativou em niveis anormais, a gameplay brutal e seus mapas me puxaram como nenhum outro jogo.
serio esse jogo e um MASTERPIECE total, estou ansioso pra jogar a DLC.

I started hating this game. It felt unfair and impossible to get through...until you beat the first boss and realize that the first part of the game is substantially harder than the rest.
The weapon variety is nice but most of them don't hold a candle to both the Carbine and Hollowseeker which are far above the rest due to their fast DPS and perks such as Leech Rounds which border on broken.
Aside from that, this is a great game that I wish Playstation were publishing more of its kind. Fast pace, brutal gameplay with great enemy variety and a good implementation of a skill ceiling, despite the aforementioned unbalanced progression.

Probably the best rogulite I've played - the animations and sound design is also top notch