Returnal combines action with roguelike gameplay into a third-person shooter where players fight to survive a hostile planet that changes with every death. Players can switch instinctively between firing modes by using a single adaptive trigger and can get right back into the action after dying. PS5's immersive 3D audio brings the alien world to life around the player, helping players navigate the intense positional combat.

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Juego muy Interesante creo que me falta el final secreto pero me lo he pasado ya han sido 20 horas super disfrutables eso si, es un juego para un publico muy especifico, la historia es una fumada bastante tocha pero jugablemente es una delicia ^^

A masterpiece. I enjoyed Housemarques previous works and knew they were excellent but their first try at a bigger title was even better then I could have imagined. It retained their excellent arcadey bullet hell style gameplay while moving into a 3D space, and making it a rogue like just made it more addictive for me. It also had a couple of my favorite game moments this year which I won't spoil here. Really looking forward to any DLC or whatever Housemarques next game is.

Yeah, it's a brutally tough roguelike inevitably inhering the divisive traits of the genre, striking a tricky balance between that adventurous excitement of every new run and the frustration of progress beholden to RNG. All that being said, Returnal is my favourite PS5 exclusive so far, one of the most conceptually ambitious titles PlayStation Studios has published in years and one of the highlights of the year. A beautifully surreal cosmic horror narrative encases absurdly tight gunplay set in visceral arenas. Both blisteringly modern in its flaunting of particle effects and non-existent load speeds but deliciously old-school with its callbacks to bullet-hell classics like Ikaruga and coin-op shmups begging you to give them one more go. The more I played, the more I came to appreciate its unique design, its obscure storytelling, its ruthless difficulty. Moments of frustration paled in comparison to the ridiculous highs I felt during far greater portions of the game. A brilliant achievement by Housemarque and gave me a bit of faith in the industry once again.

Rouge-likes don't have to be doomed to a pit of mid-tier or just fun afternoons.

When you've got arenas this good to compliment combat this great, everything else is just a bonus.

And boy howdy what a bonus. Atmosphere is off the charts and art design is so stellar. The alien ruins never stopped being a sight to behold and the sound design never lets up it's brilliance. Evokes all the best parts of the Metroid series.

Really this could have been a case study for Metroid Other M on how to translate 2D metroid to 3D properly.

Even when I was getting my ass handed to me, I still loved every second here.

amazing atmosphere/setting, story, lore, soundtrack, and gameplay. was really blown away by this game. the only thing i can knock it for is that i wish there was more persistence between loops (ala Hades), but your mileage may vary depending how much rogue you want in your rogue-like.