released on Nov 22, 2001

A rail shooter with a heavy emphasis on audiovisual elements in which a hacker attempts to breach an AI integral for the continuation of the human race to prevent it from shutting down due to information overload.

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Played this game for a bit and I have a lot of takeaways:
- This is the best thing to come out of the War on Terror
- This is the best mind control mechanism before or after the War on Terror
- Trillions of dollars of American taxpayer dollars should've been funneled to Rez 2 instead of the War on Terror
- Do not say "unspoken rez"

Way better than I thought at first. I feel sorry for saying I like Sayonara Wild Hearts better.
Probably coming back for the other endings or just for fun, trying to optimize levels and boss battles adds a lot of replayability.

In my first review, i havent gave justice to this ovni of a video game, and i will try to do a better job of reviewing it
This game isnt really a game...but more like a visual and music spectacle, in which you control a program infiltrating a virus before killing his core...i know, it sound super simple, and thats because the gameplay is simple: its a railshooter where you hace two kind of weapon: your traditional laser, that will receive upgrade once you hit enough blue orb, and will need you to lock manually on a enemy to hit him, and a overdrive, that Can be activited only if you hit the red orb, and that will lock and shoot at all enemy automaticelly.
Yeah, the game, despite having rly great boss fight doesnt shine with the gameplay...but with the aesthetic ! You are just navigating in this virtual World, super simple and yet full of detail, and its just...mesmerising. couple with the very atmospheric and incredible music, it immerge you to this world like no other game
Because, despite being more a visual spectacle than a game, it wouldnt be the same if it was just a shortfilm, because the interactivity just add in the immersion and sense of wonder (also i love the fact that the lock on sound effect is a percussion one...its just so good for the atmosphere
Idk men, my review is a mess because...i dont have word to describe this...experience
I already really liked this game before...but now? Its just phenomenal
Btw, i kinda lie for the simple story....i will let you play area 5

Wow. It has been a while since I played a game this good. It transitions extremely well from "arthouse synesthesia experience" to "extremely stressful shooter." Even without much of a plot, it succeeds so well as a gameplay and cultural experience that it earns a place in my Hall of Fame.
Also, after playing I used the Grove Dictionary of Art to look up Wassily Kandinsky, which probably shows how much of an art history nerd I am.