released on Nov 22, 2001

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released on Nov 22, 2001

A rail shooter with a heavy emphasis on audiovisual elements in which a hacker attempts to breach an AI integral for the continuation of the human race to prevent it from shutting down due to information overload.

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You actually have to play the video game to experience and really understand just what makes Rez so cool and flashy. Blasting cyber snakes and UFOs while Fear is the Mind Killer thumps in the background is an experience I will never forget. What a damn cool game.

This games is litteraly art

This is one of the only game that i can think of which i dont want to play with the simple, but effective gameplay, but just want to watch everything around, listen to the sound effect and bombastic music

I swear just looking at everything around is chilling as fuck... its like a loffy if you will

I can applaude the devs for the work here... because thats truly one helluva underrated gems

Area 5 is one of the greatest game levels ever made.

played it on 360 arcade. classic.