Rhythm Fighter

released on May 27, 2020

Rhythm! action! Rogue-Like! We combine the rhythm of music with action. Come and follow the rhythm to beat monsters. Chop melons and vegetables to save the earth!

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A super solid combat rhythm game with colorful visuals and good music. I've never played anything like it!
The sense of progression is a great hook to start new runs, and you get new tools and characters to experiment with as you play. The runs are pretty quick, so it's easy to pick up and play when you've got a few minutes, making it a great fit for the Switch.
The game offers you two control schemes to start with and you can customize from there. I opted for the more complex controls as they make a bit more sense to me, and it's taken me a bit to train the muscle memory but I think it was the way to go.
You can also set the speed of the music and your input, which is a nice accessibility feature as well as a way to compensate for any lag between your system and your monitor.
I recommend this one if you like rhythm games or if you like games that are doing something unique and interesting.