Rhythm Heaven puts the music in your hands and some rhythm in your life. Let the music move you as you tap and slide your stylus on the touch screen to the beat of more than 50 musical rhythm games. The controls are as natural as tapping your finger to music.

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Flicking to the rhythm is insanely satisfying

I haven't played this game in a very long time, only really dabbling in it during childhood.
Even though I never got fully invested into rhythm games afterwards, that playthrough is something I will never forget.

Rhythmn Heaven for the DS, what an absolute blast.
This waa my introduction to the Rhythm Heaven/Rhythmn Tengoku series and it was absolutely wonderful. This game was one of my childhood classics and stuck with me pretty strongly over the years. I absolutely adore this game.
I also think it has one of the best and most memorable soundtracks in the entire series by far.
A wonderful experience and worthwhile play.

one! (gomph) one! (gomph) one! (gomph) one! (gomph)

Surprisingly high-quality and with a lot of great challenge and creativity to the rhythm games. Even using the coins you earn to play around with simple rhythm "toys" or minigames was a really charming touch. The game has so much heart to it while also taking its central mechanics seriously. I just wish I was better at it!

This slapps, it bops, and most importantly it's hmm ok hmm ok