Ridge Racer 7 is the seventh console installment in the Ridge Racer series of racing games, released on PlayStation 3. The game has around 40 cars, many of which return from Ridge Racer 6 and the PSP incarnations of the game. There are also 22 courses, available in forward, reverse and mirror mode. The game runs at 1080p resolution and at 60 frames per second. It also features Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound and free online gameplay via the PlayStation Network.

The game was first unveiled at the 2006 E3 event in a teaser trailer, and the first trailer of game footage was shown at the 2006 Tokyo Game Show.

Like many other games in the series, it features a full motion video opening that stars Reiko Nagase.

The game has since been re-issued under Sony's "Platinum" and "The Best" budget lines.

A patch was made available in October 2010 titled "Ridge Racer 7 3D License Version" that enables Ridge Racer 7 to be played in 3D.

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Ever since Ridge Racer series added nitros it's been like this jokey throwaway Hyper Realistic Car Drifting Simulator meme game. "Ahaha. Car go fast around turns." It's mind boggling how utterly padded and repetitive the game is, having to play for hours before you can unlock an engine class can be remotely be considered not slow (although still not remotely challenging) and yet someone thought it warranted releasing the exact same game six plus times not including mobile. It's as if they think Ridge Racer fans crave suffering through the same bare bones campaign structure that many times. I suppose however that if you're going to play a game in the nitros formula then 7 is arguably as good a choice as any other.