Rise of the Tomb Raider

released on Nov 10, 2015

Join Lara Croft on her first great tomb raiding expedition as she seeks to discover the secret of immortality. Featuring high-octane action set in the most beautiful and hostile environments on earth, Rise of the Tomb Raider delivers cinematic survival action-adventure.

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This game saved me from boredom lots of times, but nowadays this style of "play game, watch 6 minute cutscene" would drive me mad

Sadly this game is a big disappointment for me. It really is not at all what I want from a Tomb Raider game. I was hoping for a game like Anniversary or Legend but instead got a a lame Uncharted clone with annoying crafting and waaaaay too many collectible crap everywhere. I am missing the the fun and creative environments filled with complex contraptions you need to operate to get through the level. Instead I am forced to run around a snowy soviet ruin, which is about one of the lamest environments I can imagine. Then there is a bit of stealth, which is my favorite part about the game tbh, but you are often forced to engage enemies in combat sequences that simply do not allow a stealthy approach. This would have been no problem if those sections or the combat in general were fun.
The game can look really pretty, but in some scenes it looks rather like an upscaled ps3 game level design wise.
The story bores me to death with bad writing and the word "Trinity" appearing way too many times.
I simply can not bring myself to continuing this game. There are also quite a lot of bugs, physics issues, not working climbing mechanics and inconsistencies in general.

Começou até que bem mas acabou sendo super entediante. Sei lá, só meio chato.

Lara do be rising, there's a lot of shit to climb in this one.
Not as great as its predecessor, but that might just be the nostalgia talking. The changes to the weapons systems are great and a good improvement. There's way more to do in this one, but the setting feels copied and sometimes overwhelming, which caused me to skip a lot of the side missions. These missions can be fun, but a lot of them are also just filler and time waisters.
All in all, Lara ate fr

Me divertir demais jogando mas sinto q não tive a experiência completa ja q joguei no x360 e não tinham legendas em português

good but bloated compared to the first