released on Sep 01, 2006

Roblox is a massively multiplayer online platform marketed towards creators and players of all ages. It allows its users to create their own virtual worlds using a variety of objects, in which they or other members may enter and socialize within. Worlds created on Roblox can be scripted using a sandboxed edition of Lua 5.1 to affect events that occur in-game and create different scenarios.

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Acabo de jugar 4 horas seguidas Horse Plinko Tycoon con mi pareja y el gameplay loop es casi perfecto, MUY ADICTIVO ME ENCANTA EL PLINKO

Puedo decir que orgullo que termine un juego de Roblox

a lot of slop and very rarely good games

logging this again because i need to shout out dress to impress that shit might be the best roblox game i have played in a hot minute

I play an hour or so of Roblox once a week for three reasons:
1) My cousin and I like to fuck around and see what sorts of weird, niche games we can find by entering in random keyphrases
2) My job sometimes requires I work with children, and you would be surprised how much better you can understand and relate to a child if you can understand and relate to the world of Roblox. I have astonished multiple 6 year olds by understanding what an "obby" is.
3) If you have poor confidence as an adult, Roblox can be a powerful tool for building a stable sense of self-efficacy. Children are bad at video games and chances are that you'll probably be the only person in the lobby old enough to do algebra, and will absolutely be the only person in the lobby old enough to drink. Whether it be a game of reflexes, a "math run", or some sort of puzzle-solving challenge, you have an infinite supply of 5-12 year olds to absolutely trounce and crush under your boot. It's not uncommon for me and the other adult man I play this with to do so well at Snowboard Obby Coin Challenge that everyone else packs up and leaves. If you ever need to feel better about yourself, this is the place. If you ever see someone else doing better than you it's probably safe to assume that it's because they're not a kid and are actually a pedophile, in which case you've just scored yourself a huge moral victory by being the one playing Roblox in a normal, healthy way. I really recommend doing this. You can't lose.

without anime battle arena and random horror games this entire platform would be horrible