released on Dec 31, 2007

In Rosenkreuzstilette, the player takes control of Spiritia Rosenberg in traditional Mega Man fashion; navigating through enemy and trap laden stages, defeating the stage's boss at the end of each stage (in Rosenkreuzstilette's case, each of Spiritia's fellow Magi in the RKS) to copy their powers and using that very power against a boss who could be weak against it.

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i wanted to like this game but it just kept throwing shit in my face lol. some of the stages are pretty fun, others a bit bland, but pretty much every single boss is an utterly unintuitive and miserable disaster of game design, such that even the levels i thought were fun were left with a sour taste. of course this is also true of many megaman games, but i don't recall them being quite as bad as this. i gave up at the boss of iris stage 2; at that point i completely lost any and all desire to continue playing. the iris stages (well, 1 and 2, at least) are the most obnoxious, awful stages in the game too, with garbage bosses as the stupid, rotten cherry on top. if not for the handful of stages i did genuinely have fun with i would probably leave this at a 1/10. even with that factored in though, a 3/10 is more than generous

A competent doujin megaman clone that was released back in 2007 (pretty much 2008) originally. The actual formula of the game is pretty apparent, lifting some of the better ideas from the classic Megaman games. There's some decent incentive to give this a second run through that I do not wish to spoil. The sprites are quite pretty. It's nice that it made it to steam! If you are a fan of classic Megaman games, it's worth checking out.

Megaman but with anime girls so it sucks

Cuando lo estuve jugando pensaba "por qué hay zonas donde son literalmente copypaste de los cuartos de varios mega man?"
y claro... cuando hace su propio diseño de niveles la caga en dimensiones galácticas LMAO

Mega Man com garotas de anime, músicas e visuais legais