Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

released on Oct 22, 2009

It's an adventure that will transform you! The people of Sharance and their horned Univir neighbors are embroiled in a bitter conflict. An age-old hatred between humans and monsters divides them. You are an adventurer with an unusual secret: you're half human and half monster.

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Feels a bit weird to say this is my favorite dating sim, but it is. The characters are so charismastic it hurts, you literally grow in love with them. Played this when I was a teenager more than 10 years ago, still remember every bit of it. Made me grow even more in love with Story of Seasons (Bokujō Monogatari) and made me love every other Rune Factory game.

Jouez pas aux jeux de cette licence c'est de la drogue dure il vont aspirer tout votre temps libre et énergie vitale , la licence de chômeur ultime

probably my fav game on the ds
so much content. i love rf series

played the absolute shit out of this in 2009-10. barely understood any japanese and my normie ass made the lame choice of marrying the main girl instead of cool bespectacled babe kuruna

favorite childhood game ever . lost the card as a kid and spent 7yrs looking for the name only to stop playing before the final fight because i dont wanna finish it. amazing