released on Sep 23, 2021

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released on Sep 23, 2021

Sable is a coming-of-age tale of discovery through exploration across a strikingly rendered open world desert. Go on a deeply personal journey across an alien planet while learning its history and discovering Sable’s place in the world.

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Sable was on the collision course to be one of my top favourite games this year. The traversal, art direction, music, world building, it is all top notch. Unfortunately the game experience severe technical issues on Series X (Even though it has the "Optimized for Series X" sticker???". Because I loved it so much, decided to put it down for the moment and come back when it is more playable.

Really needs a few fixes but I can see an incredibly solid open world game.

The game has good vibes, soundtrack's really nice and the visuals are very pretty and unique. Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot to the gameplay itself, searching through nooks and crannies gets really old when the only reward is some pointless collectable.

The story is mostly just a premise without much else going on. It's supposed to be a coming of age story that you write yourself, you grow up by accumulating experiences while traveling around the world and interacting. But the game doesn't really deliver on that since there aren't a whole lot of interesting quests or characters or even decisions to be made.

Still a really pretty game though. I enjoyed my time with it even if it got boring pretty fast.

Anyone who is playing Sable with half a brain, and using an operating system that wasn't stuck together with glue by orphans in Malaysia sucking on the reluctant tit of Bill Gates, will immediately realize all the positive qualities the game has. It has breathtaking visuals and a world that begs to be explored, it is atmospheric and uses dialogue sparingly but effectively. It is, in a world of shitty half baked early access indie shit, both complete and unique. But what does it lack? Why wouldn't someone want to play it?

The first issue is this apparent plague of glitches that as far as I can tell is entirely endemic to the Windows platform. I used Linux Mint, and experienced exactly 1 (one) crash to desktop, and perhaps two or three clipping or texture issues, over the course of a 20-hour playthrough. I would describe the game as released as "stable," I certainly would not call it buggy, especially given what it's peers may look like when they drop. Your own results may vary, but I found the glitches to be entirely a non-issue.

Perhaps the most glaring flaw I found outside of these OS-based issues was the music. It was not where it needed to be. It very barely suited the general ambience and atmosphere of the game, it did not add to it and very nearly detracted. A common refrain from people who did not play or enjoy Breath of the Wild is that it lacked a real soundtrack; that while BoTW may have had some occasional piano keys it did not have "real" "music." I think Sable is a great example of the contrapositive: Sable attempted to emulate BoTWs musical stylings but did not follow through in the swing, or perhaps just didn't swing hard enough.

I also found that the map interface was maybe not where it should be. C'mon it's 2021, you can do a little better. But it's really not that bad I promise.

Again, the positives qualities of the game are immediately apparent. After a short tutorial, you are given free rein to explore a vast desert. Therein lay untold possibilities: gather badges to get masks and help discover yourself; explore ancient ship wreckage; help and entertain some small children with a mild diversion. Folks: it's good. Play it.

I fell through the world three times in the first twenty minutes and when I wasn't dropping into an endless void, I was bored. Claims influence from Breath of the Wild but seems to completely misunderstand every single thing that makes that game so good.

The visuals, the soundtrack... this is the indie-est of indie games. It is so indie game, someone needs to check this game's DMs to make sure it hasn't been sending unsolicited dick pics to girls who dress like they've seen Ghost World once.

This game has a lot of potential, but fails in its technical execution.
I love the art, the story, the overall feel it tries to get through...
But the camera is wonky, the driving is abysmal, and there are bugs EVERYWHERE from cosmetic to game breaking.
It feels unfinished or rushed, lacking that final bit of polish in terms of design and feel. It was so close to being extremely good.