San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing

released on Dec 24, 1996

San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing is the first game in the Rush series.
Tne N64 version contains six regular tracks and two hidden tracks. The regular tracks can be run in either reverse or mirrored modes and feature added collectible hidden keys throughout the track that can be used to unlock hidden vehicles. It also contains a Practice Mode and a Death Race mode where the game ends if the player crashes. The N64 port of Rush also includes a Circuit Mode and a save system for Fast Times, circuit progress, and hidden keys that the player can find on secret spots to unlock new cars.

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A serviceable racing game with cool explosions but that's about it. Not as good as Cruisin' USA or Test Drive 5.

one of the 25 n64 games i had as a kid.
its okay. i liked the guy who went "ITS DANGEROUSS!!!"
f zero x was 1,000,000x better, especially since this is a bad port apparently. never played the good version.

Poor gameplay on the N64 version.