Saya no Uta

released on Dec 26, 2003

A horror visual novel about Fuminori Sakisaka, a medicine student who suffers an accident that leaves his perception of the world distorted: everything and everyone is perceived as a twisted mass of intestines, flesh and blood.

Everything, except Saya.

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This review contains spoilers

Jogo muito bacana (se você tiver estomago) a trilha sonora é marcante, tudo é muito bem feito, cenas de tensão que dá pra sentir o drama, não recomendo aos sensiveis, pois até pode causar más lembranças relacionados a traumas aos que jogam isso sem cuidado, portanto, VÁ COM CALMA, sobre o jogo em si o relacionamento dos 2 é marcante, fuminori e saya sozinhos num mundo onde apenas os 2 se entendem e vão longe pra isso

unironically REALLY liked this game LMAO but not for the questionable s*x scenes ofc but bc this was full of gore(?) and guts and extremely disturbing/unsettling scenes even though it was mostly text. i do heavily recommend going through a trigger warning list though just to be safe unless ur like me and dive in and expect everything and anything at all lol

holy MID. steer clear of this one buddies. play a good game like dragon quest 9.