Shadow of the Colossus

released on Oct 18, 2005

An open-world action/adventure game in which a young wanderer, along with a stolen magical sword and his steed companion, trespasses a cursed land, makes a deal with an ancient being to bring a sacrificial victim back to life, and sets off to fulfill his end of the bargain, which involves tracking down and infiltrating the abodes of sixteen colossi and sacrificing them to achieve his goal.

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Can only be described as unforgettable.

It’s a special game but its also very clunky

One of the coolest games ever made and still holds up today. Get the remake, its just more pretty

Beautiful and tearful experience. Simple lore building and story telling, but as efficient as needed.

Weird game. My memories of playing it still feel like a fever dream. I think that alone is enough to justify trying it out.