Shadow of the Colossus

released on Oct 18, 2005

An open-world action/adventure game in which a young wanderer, along with a stolen magical sword and his steed companion, trespasses a cursed land, makes a deal with an ancient being to bring a sacrificial victim back to life, and sets off to fulfill his end of the bargain, which involves tracking down and infiltrating the abodes of sixteen colossi and sacrificing them to achieve his goal.

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Isso é não é um jogo, isso é uma obra prima ao estilo Stairway To Heaven

My favorite game! For me, the best game ever!
The silent atmosphere, the settings, the grandeur of this game, I've spent countless hours just walking around with Agro, scouring, admiring the sights... what a magical game!
The soundtrack is not even mentioned, a milestone!
Until today no game has given me the same feeling as him, maybe Death Stranding and BOTW came a little close, but Shadow is unique!

O zelda do poderoso sonysmo, não tem jeito é master peça!

Played years and years ago and still holds up as one of the best games I've ever had the pleasure of playing. This game has more replayability than most others for me because of the relatively simplistic concept but moving story, incredible soundtrack and immersing gameplay despite how short it is. I would highly recommend to anybody who hasn't played it

For all of it's flaws, this is the absolute definition of artistry in video games and the realization of a unique, powerful, quiet, and bold expression through the video game medium