Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

released on Dec 06, 2016

Skillfully hide from and sneak past the enemies fields of view, take their formations apart and hide their bodies to cover your tracks. Quick Save will enable you to execute your plans perfectly. Tactically plan actions for your whole team and execute them all at once. Make use of the vertical gameplay and jump from roof to roof to silently kill your foes from above.

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Looks solid but not sure if I enjoy the genre.

This kind of real-time strategy games are not available. So fans of this genre are a bit unlucky (like me ☹). Shadow Tactics takes place in the time of the samurai. The game was developed by Mimimi Games, the developer of Desperados 3. Meanwhile, the flagship of the genre in the 2000s was undoubtedly the Commandos series. It isn’t be wrong to say that Desperados 3 has been carrying the flag of the genre recently (if you haven’t played Desperados 3, definitely play it, it’s awesome 😊). That’s why there are plenty of Desperados inspirations in Shadow Tactics. It would not be a lie if we say that Shadow Tactics is the trial before Desperados 3.
Let’s come to my thoughts about the game, I want to say the most important thing about the game firstly; I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the game during the game. Even if you’re not a fan of the genre, it’s a good idea to give it a try. Shadow Tactics is well-balanced in every aspect and manages to have a good time for the players. I don’t know what your expectation is for this kind of graphic, but for me, its visuality was quite sufficient. I must to say don’t wait too much things from the visiuality 😊 I think the strongest aspects of the game are the voice, effects and the fiction of the game. The effects of the samurai attacks with sword blows allowed me to feel the sword blows quite a bit. Apart from that, I liked the small talk and critique of the characters in the game. I have to say that the in-game riddles are also very diverse and cleverly incorporated into the game. You are happily trying to solve it.
I have to say that there are minor bugs in the game. But since these are at a very low level, they will not bother you so much. I can’t also speak very positively about artificial intelligence. Your enemies don’t have many options other than a few set routines. Game time and price are very reasonable.
Finally, Shadow Tactics has managed to bring me back to my old days as a commandos fan. It also made me have some serious fun. While doing all this, he also instilled in me little by little the samurai culture. A boon for genre lovers. It is a game that those who are not related or not interested in this genre should take a look at and give it a chance.

O meu jogo favorito de todos os tempos, simplesmente um jogo furtivo perfeito

I never played this genre before.
It is a masterpiece. This genre seems fun!

Esta bien tal asesinas gente sigilo asi tactico a mi ma gustao

Pros: unique, good time period,mechanics
Cons: not my type of game
i see that its actually a good game made with care but it just isnt my type of game