Shadows Over Loathing

released on Nov 11, 2022

A slapstick-figure comedy adventure-RPG full of mobsters, monsters, and mysteries.

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Comédia e roteiro muito bons, combate fácil e simples, mais side quests, muito maior que o anterior, mesmo que perdendo parte do charme original. Vale pra quem gosta de humor ou gostou do West of Loathing, que na minha opinião ainda é melhor.

Comedic genius: the Lovecraftian sequel

Played this the second it came out but I'm not completely sure whether or not I believe it's better than the first.
The writing is great as of the first. Although the main thing that nags me is the number of trivial additions it has. Most of the things they added could have been taken out and the things they changed just made things more muddled. (Also although the main story lead to a lot of funny moments it did not particularly grab me although it's personal preference). With that aside if you liked West Of Loathing like me you will find a lot to love here it's just not all of it is my exitential fear flavored cup of tea.

Muy divertido, sorprendentemente largo y con una cantidad de opciones, contenido secundario y posibilidades asombrosa.
Combina muy bien el humor finísimo con los puntitos de terror cósmico y, si bien no hace gran cosa distinta a West of Loathing, es muy recomendable si te gustó el anterior.
El combate es lo menos interesante del juego y la mayoría de objetos están enfocados a ello, lo cual es una lástima porque lo verdaderamente brillante está en resolver todos los entuertos posibles de forma pacífica y disfrutar de lo gracioso que es absolutamente todo.
Quizá se vuelve algo obtuso en algunos puzles y un pelín repetitivo hacia el final, pero lo compensa con lo sinvergüenza que es todo el rato y con lo ingenioso que es cada trocito de texto, desde los diálogos hasta las descripciones de los objetos.
Hilarious, surprisingly long and with an astonishing amount of choices, optional content and possibilities.
It's a great combination of sharp comedy and bits of cosmic horror and, even though it doesn't do anything that different to West of Loathing, it's strongly recommended if you enjoyed that one.
Combat is the least interesting part of the game and most items are tailored towards that, which is a shame because it really shines when you try to solve any issue through the pacifist route and enjoying how funny everything is.
It may become a bit obtuse in some puzzles and repetitive toward the end, but it makes up for it by being so shameless in what it does all the time and how clever every piece of text is, from dialogue to item descriptions.

Very similar to West of Loathing, with the same good writing and style of gameplay. The combat didn't feel great - most of the interesting things to do were on the first turn, and by the end of the game many encounters just were played out the same way over and over. I also felt that the over-abundance of equipment made it tricky to figure out the best equipment for any one time. One final issue was that the game dragged out in the end for me, there were a few places where the RNG caused some items I needed to advance to not spawn for a long time.
It feels like if the game was a bit tighter and shorter that it would have been better. The writing is fun - and that's the primary reason to play this one.

I was addicted to Kingdom of Loathing for years so I knew when I saw this I would want to play it. Streaming it was a good idea because I read everything out loud and since the game is like 95% text it made a lot of the jokes come out and it worked really well in that way. Because it is so text heavy you really have to be willing to get into the text heavy dialogue to enjoy it and that's a big ask.