She Vomited Guns

released on Jan 15, 2023

A tragic gun shortage has brought many fortunes to the Synthetic Order, who are in the bleeding edge of arms development.

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It's hardly a game, in the sense that you only can read and advance text, but i have to tell you, what proposes it's interesting and i love to see more of that universe

Great concept for the story, great writing and great visual presentation: a quirky visual novel only a few minutes long that somehow instantly manages to transport into a very effective dystopian imagery, referencing political and psychological themes in a commendably abstract and evocative manner.

A neat short visual novel. It creates a setting that's some kind of vaguely dark technofuture, lacking references to our real world that suspends it in something that feels a little like bits of 25th Ward, or BLAME! A girl is able to be grown via praise to create weapons, a scientist harnesses the power of a 4Chan message board and the mix of hate/love the users direct at girls (anime girls, etc), in order to more quickly grow the girl, eventually freeing her. Personally I've always been a little curious about the culture of some corners of the internet of people who seem young, are fairly aggressive, yet wear anime avatars or frequently consume extremely moe visual novels, anime, Japanese culture, etc.
This story was made pretty quickly and could go in various directions, but I liked how it connected certain 'real life topics' to these otherwise strange SF elements.