Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

released on Jan 15, 2009

Tokyo is in full lockdown, the government's swift, coldblooded response to a surprise demon invasion. Trapped within the sprawling metropolis is the city's helpless populace, forced to turn on each other in order to survive. A mysterious piece of technology, the COMP, falls into the hands of you and your peers. This device allows you to form contracts, forcing demons to serve you in battle against the otherworldly creatures. There are others with COMPs, so-called demon tamers, who seek to use the demons to satisfy their own whims-be they for justice, peace, or power-in the chaos that was once downtown Tokyo. Where did the demons come from? Why did they appear? Who created the COMPs, and what is their purpose? These questions must soon be answered, for if you fail to solve the mystery, much more is at stake than your own lives.

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Out of the two, better in story and cast, worse in gameplay.

This is the superior SMT/Persona experience and it is a spin-off. It brings the decision making , demon negotiation and the consequences from your actions from SMT and the party like aspect of persona.

I love this game, it's great in every way. Overclocked is even better, but this version is special to me because it's how i discovered SMT when i was like 12.
I found out about it in a Club Nintendo magazine, the reviewers compared it to Death Note and TWEWY. At that time i didn't play RPGs (now one of my favorite genres), i found them boring except for Pokemon. I imagined cliche plots about medieval fantasy with magic crystals and prohpecies and shit, i was not into it at all (kinda funny considering Dark Souls has a medieval fantasy setting and it's currently my favorite game of all time).
But Desu 1 taking place in modern times and fighting using demons caught my attention and decided to play it.
I still remeber the first time i booted it up. It was night, i was playing it with headphones and hidden under my sheets. The fucking intro theme and text SCARED me enough to turn it off, i had to start playing it the next day in the morning.
A bit of context:
1) I used to be a MASSIVE pussy, like, i was not able to beat 1-1 in Re4 because i was too scared to progress. I couldn't handle scary shit AT ALL. I would eventually get over it years later by exposing myself to that stuff until it didn't scare me anymore. Now i love horror games and can play them without any issue but the side effect is that nothing scares me wich also kinda sucks :/
2) I grew up in a VERY religious family, one that ate up all the satanic panic garbage up. For example i couldn't play Doom because they tought it would LITERALLY SUMMON DEMONS to our house. And of course i believed it.
So yeah, not only the intro scared me to death, i also felt like i was doing something wrong.
Anyways, i loved it and i sucked really really REALLY bad at it, this was my first non-pokemon RPG, and it's not an easy one regarldless of your experience. Horrible teams, terrible stat spread for the MC, fucked up every event, getting stuck for months in a few bosses, getting the bad ending, getting the not-good ending, etc.
But i couldn't stop playing it because i was having too much fun and i eventually mastered it and beat it like a billion times.
It also shaped my taste in media, it improved my english a little bit (just a bit, what i know is self taught and this game and the AVGN were one of my main learning tools), and Naoya's edgyness was my first step to questioning religion.
It's probably the most important game i played in my life for all the effects it had later, it literally made my life better. It also helped me discover the Persona series, and Kanji's Social Link was ANOTHER thing that had massive influence in my early teens and made me a happier person.
Thank you for everything edgy japanase game with gravity defying boobs.

My first SMT game, story, gameplay, soundtrack, art, mechanics. All perfect.

goopers... play this game if you LOVE little handhelds.... i LOVE my DS and i love shin megami tensei !!!!! the combat was pretty cool and the story was pretty cool but not cool enough for me to 100% new game plus it 5 times and fight lucifer superboss (wasnt super was kind of easy)
i think like its okay not ride or die but its pretty good and i wish atlus did cool things like this again i looove the vfx and sfx oh i love love loooove them but ATLUS SUCKS and they cant make their shit GOOD anymore WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!