Shin Megami Tensei IV

released on May 23, 2013

Building on the styles of ATLUS' Persona, Devil Summoner, and Devil Survivor titles, SMTIV is the first true successor to 2004's Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. The story of SMTIV revolves around the Samurai, the sacred protectors of the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado. As a newly appointed Samurai, players will struggle with factions that have nefarious designs on the world as they defend their home kingdom from a growing army of demons. Decisions players make throughout the course of the story will have lasting repercussions, as the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

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A really solid game throughout, I think IV serving as a "return to the status-quo" for mainline Megami Tension games isn't a bad idea, because Nocturne did stray away from what made mainline "mainline" heavily, but I still love Nocturne more than IV
I really enjoy IV's combat, more than Nocturne's really. I think it's really fun and Demon Whisper is really an interesting way to make the protagonist learn spells.
The soundtrack is top-tier too, probably my favourite in any MegaTen game ever. The game's got a nice atmosphere, not as strong as Nocturne's at all but the soundtrack helps a lot in selling this version of post apocalyptic Tokyo
Now where my problems come from is the story. It's just not really memorable, a lot of the ideas feel half baked, and all of the Samurai are also pretty mediocre. Walter's my favourite but even he's not safe from this criticism, Johnathan's not that much better, and I don't know if it was because I did Chaos Route but I did not see why Isabeau was there at all. She's not as useless as some people like to claim she is, and she's probably better in the neutral route
But I really can't be bothered to play through a game again that sets up these really interesting plot points which lead to nothing but an "oh okay" and whose characters become archetypes halfway through. It's really not the worst story in the franchise but it's super flawed
Also White Ending sucks
Play Goaturne instead imo

Why the hell do you think I know where a random street in tokyo is game?

I wrote a longer review but phones are shit and it reloaded and I lost everything but I had a really good joke in the works so I'll say it has cool premise, nice character art, god-tier music, I love that Keita Amemiya was allowed to make weird redesigns of the archangel squad filtered through his more abstract "Horrors in Garo" mode.
Anyway my joke was that I'd like the game better if I hadn't been forced into Law Route because I forgot that when the Blood Moon is in alignment with Galaticamaru, all of the Bushido Blaster Buster Captain's ki signatures are activated and become self-aware, which meant I wasn't allowed to have rights anymore according to Michael. Or Raphael. Or Uriel. Or whoever I was working for in Law.
A Kamen Rider artist drew some demons so me like ooga

worst endings known to man
worst normal route known to man
the ost being goated doesnt give it extra points
the fact that apocalypse is worse in every way except gameplay doesnt give this game extra points

If you haven't played this game yet, PLEASE read what I have to say here. If you, like me, are one that likes to enter games with as little knowledge of them as possible (apart from the vibe), then you ABSOLUTELY MUSTN'T read any "spoiler-free" review, watch any video about it, or even search for images online.
I will give some spoiler-free reasons to play this game after this, but let me back up my argument (which I guess comes off as very extreme). There is a certain element in this game that most people include in their reviews that is an incredibly huge spoiler that of course feels natural to talk about in the review, but it can ruin the expectations of someone who starts the game. I hate setting the expectations too high for anything either, but I'll say that I was very lucky to not have heard of this certain something before, and that allowed me to experience the most baffling moment in any piece of media ever. So, if you are like me and you like the vibe of this game, play it without reading more reviews, or anything really!
So, now that I'm done with this, I'll list a few spoiler-free elements of one of my favorite games of all time, in no specific order:
- Great difficulty
- The combat system is very nice and fast :)
- Cool art
- The english voice acting is impecable, easily the best one of any videogame I've ever played
- It has my favorite vidya OST as well
- The characters are cool and work very well with the story
- I actually have found the story to be a very enjoyable one, despite what some people say about it