Shining Soul II

released on Jul 24, 2003

As monsters begin to appear in the kingdom Klantol, King Marcel announces a grand tournament at the coliseum to find a hero that can protect the country. Now, as a mighty Brawler, Priestess, Dark Wizard, or Ninja, you must accept the king's challenge. Each character has certain strengths and weaknesses that can mean the difference between victory and defeat in single-player, multiplayer, or cooperative multiplayer modes. In addition to valuable weapons and armor, you can equip your party with Force Links, which, when combined, create a Shining Force--a powerful weapon capable of decimating the enemy forces.

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This is a good GBA action RPG. Several of the classes are very interesting and fun, but some of them are weak and boring.

wonderful ARPG for GBA and one of the first game I beated before I fully understand the system.
Rates for drops are pretty low and getting the card collection is a pain.
PS: Use chaos ring and helmet with -2 drop rate to spam items.

Lançado no ano seguinte ao primeiro jogo, a sensação é de jogar quase o mesmo jogo, com pequenas diferenças de mecânica e um novo cenário, com personagens e tramas distintas, algo que passa a sensação das diferentes gerações Pokémon, mas mantendo quase tudo igual, como ocorre em FIFAs muito próximos.

Assim como seu antecessor, apenas testei e não cheguei a concluir.