Shovel Knight: King of Cards

released on Dec 10, 2019

An expansion for Shovel Knight

This game is the final free campaign included in the main game, Shovel Knight, and its updated title, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. The game will also be available as a standalone title on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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Easily the weakest of the Shovel Knight campaigns which is kind of a shame since I felt they were only getting better as they went along until here.
I shelved this for a while since I found King Knight kind of awkward to control and quite limited compared to the others. I did at least like it was more of a prequel to the main story rather than an alternative storyline this time, meaning it can be considered canon.

It's still Shovel Knight so it's good. But it has cards in it and I hate those.

If Im being objective, this is of course an incredibly rich DLC, and Yacht Club games obviously put alot of juice into it. But SUBJECTIVELY theres nothing I hate more than arbitrary control schemes and player mechanics - and throwing in a card game isnt gonna sweet talk me out of that.

The final campaign to end the Shovel Knight saga and once again Yacht Club doesn't miss! Comedy story featuring King Knight complete with a new move set, level design, AND THIS TIME a brand new side mode in Joustus! A card game that had me hooked for so many hours! Unfortunately it only has local multiplayer but MAN do I wish it was it had online multiplayer! Perfect way to end it!

Yacht Club again makes a masterfully designed classic platformer. Of the DLC character adventures I think King Knight might've been my least favorite but the game is still excellent. Every level is explicitly designed around the character's main attack and how its mechanics work. You are taught about new hazards and abilities through gameplay. Any aspiring game designer should be playing every Shovel Knight game.

Everyone here talks about Joustus is addictive
But no one explains why my wife and kids left with my best friend