Shrek 2

released on May 03, 2004

Game based on the second movie, developed by the makers of Vigilante 8. Shrek is on a journey to meet his in-laws, so Shrek 2 follows his adventure to Far Away Land and the chaos that ensues once Fiona's parents learn that their precious daughter is an ogre -- and is married to the crudest of them all. Shrek 2 features a mixture of puzzle solving and enemy bashing. Players are able to control one of four characters at any given time -- swapping between them at will. Each character has a set of basic attack moves and a special ability. Donkey has a "Burro Blast" that can knock down large objects, Shrek can pick up and throw heavy objects, and Fiona -- in a nod to her fight scene in the first movie -- can slow down time, Matrix-style.

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i played as donkey & fiona kept pushing me in the water so we had to keep restarting the level until i could run away from her fast enough. the guy playing shrek wanted us dead. in the end we only completed 2 levels over the span of 3 hours so all in all great game and fun for the whole friend group (unless ur wanting to be a shrek 2 speedrunner in which case good fucking luck)

these movie tie in games were actually a lot of fun

seared into my very psyche. file under games that changed my brain chemistry

This is an unironically fun game, and I have great memories playing it with my old best friend. Definitely fell through the cracks among licensed games, but I definitely recommend it.

Thank you God for allow us humans play this masterpiece