Shrek Super Slam

released on Oct 25, 2005

A port of Shrek SuperSlam

Shrek SuperSlam pits the characters from the Shrek franchise against each other in the only game that combines the twisted humor and pop culture parodies of the Shrek universe with the fast-paced action of a melee fighting game. Signature fighting moves like Shrek's Green Storm, Donkey's Juggle Punt, and Puss-in-Boots' Love-Stun bring variety and personality to the game. Fully destructible arenas like the Poison Apple Inn and Dragon's Gate have walls toppling and debris flying while a multitude of weapons, potions, and magical items spell endless melee action for up to four players.

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jogo de luta do shrek kkkkkkk sei nao

Quem era rico pra ter nintendo, cresceu com Smash.
Eu, que era humilde, cresci com o Shrek


I've had this game's cartridge blu-tacked to the outer side of my bedroom door for nearly seven years. I only remember this every 18 months or so, when a new visitor to my house decides it's worth noting out loud. I wonder how many of my interpersonal relationships this has impacted without my realisation, with this being one of their first impressions of me. Perhaps my life would be on a completely different path if I hadn't stuck it to my door on a whim so long ago. I suppose I will never know.