Sin & Punishment: Star Successor

released on Oct 29, 2009

Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is an arcade style rail shooter that allows for a range of movement around the immediate level as the player is funneled along their path. Players can assume the role of either the male or female character, Isa and Kachi. Each can fight on the ground or in the sky with the right equipment, and utilize a diverse mix of evasive maneuvers, melee attacks in close quarters and unique special attacks. The world of Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is packed with enemies ranging from swarms of low to mid-level enemies to over-the-top bosses. In battling all these, players must use their particular mix of offensive and defensive skills to continually build point multiplier bonuses as they cash in on the enemies that they conquer. The game supports a variety of controller/controller configurations, two-player play and an online international leaderboard.

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I bought a Wii for this game, and now I think it's worth it!
Control is basically the same as the first game, but now you can fly and charge-shot, which adds more variety to the combat.
The level design and the Boss battle is fucking amazing. Imagine a rail-shooter version of the God Hand. You need to learn Bosses' patterns, dodge every attack, and counter the enemy at the right time with your blade.
The music is also better than the N64 one, so epic.

An excellent 3D rail shooter/shmup. Genre-defying in gameplay, with a plot of pure anime sci-fi nonsense. Without reading elsewhere, the central conflict would be incomprehensible. But who needs plot when there's so many creative encounters and bosses, so much level variety, and a solid difficulty curve? I have a few criticisms involving some of the controls and the initial opacity of some bosses. They're all comprehensible after a few attempts, though. This one lives up to its reputation.

it seems inconsequential to me now but hitting #3 (iirc!) in the leaderboards for level 3 on easy in europe was a crowning achievement for teenage me. i remember LEHULK being at the top of every leaderboard and i often still wonder how LEHULK is doing, whoever that is

Going from the original to this is a significant leap ahead, a swansong that pays its tribute to the miles and miles of experience, refined to such a degree that you can really feel it to an almost clinical level. In a sense this already fails at matching up to what it's paying respect to years in the past, as its edge is mostly sanded, the unique artistry of the single stream of consciousness replaced by a more general structure. Things rise, things fall, go to one climactic finish that blissfully spreads its message of a loving companionship versus the mechanical ends of humanity.
But yeah I love that more. An easy victim to the usual, the violent swells, the compounding final boss rush, the absolute insanity of an XBLA-vibe masterwork. What I felt with the original was that it lacked "impact", and even though it's on the more appreciation-over-time end, I kind of kicked its ass. It was too easy for me on Normal and I didn't spend a credit. The almost-but-not-quite formless nature of most of its music enshrouding its levels left me feeling very miffed and unflinching towards things on an initial level. For whatever inexplicable reason, though it's significantly less of an innate strength in tone versus the OG's harsh and heavy beat vibetown, I could really feel the energy through each mission in Star Successor. But it's definitely possible that it's more many things coming together in ways that definitely appeal to me way more. Treasure is simply encapsulating the most awesome parts and aesthetical sensibilities of the generation they're in.
Of course, the biggest demonstration Star Successor has on offer is how it has simply mastered layered action in its gameplay. There's actually such cool shit to how bullet patterns and enemies come together onto your mental stack, testing significantly more within its frame of movement than ever before. If nothing else, Star Successor is quite literally the best mechanical rail shooter, and it's lovingly difficult!!! Despite the intense "who the fuck would want to 1cc this" length, each mission is a perfectly paced piece with some of the best positional boss battles to rival most action games! While not the exact back-to-back variety you'll see on the N64 the whole of Star Successor also doesn't feel like it quite ever does the same thing twice, although there's some overlap. I was so expressively losing myself in the final stage too. Real piercing the heavens stuff. Good shit.
I apologize though, you'll have to forgive me for comparing the two so strictly. Star Successor is not Trying to be the original again, and while there's merit to meshing the two together to see their more apparent differences and how much the developers have grown, it's still a battle of appeals. People should be playing both of these because as a sequence they're reflective on the absolute best of us and how that culture of the best of us moves over time. The most poignant note is that we'll be making 100 different versions on the same determination of our spiral united power, yet still result in beautiful wholly unique stars that inspire the way forward.

I have sinned and I need punishment

reminds me of being younger and going to arcade chains and gravitating towards like random Japanese cabinets. Distinctively remember beating one of the house of the dead games with my cousin, took us like 2 hours and we just kept feeding the machine but eventually we beat it. Also a huge fan of panic park and magical truck adventure and the dumb Star Wars one. Wish Nintendo put out more of these weird on rail shooters, think this and uprising are really special, this one feels more strictly like a port of an old arcade game than uprising which felt like it was made to take advantage of the 3ds. Both of these games I don’t love nearly as much as I could because they lack proper like vibration in the controllers which I think is really important for shooters especially ones with as much clutter going on as these two, oftentimes was hard for me to tell if I was actually making contact with the enemies. Idk maybe I’ll actually play a star fox one day, I just have always thought people have acted really annoying about that series. The wii nunchuck and wiimote still feel just as cheap as I remember them always feeling, just very breakable and plastic-y but that setup does work very well for a game like this, giving you pretty precise aim. It’s very ugly like the models look scary but I think the level design is kind of unmatched, the swampy forest level is a real standout, had a lot of fun with that one and this entire game. Breezed through it in like three nights, doing a level or two after coming home from work. Love it and the fact that the cursor is a lizard made me smile