Sin & Punishment: Star Successor

released on Oct 29, 2009

Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is an arcade style rail shooter that allows for a range of movement around the immediate level as the player is funneled along their path. Players can assume the role of either the male or female character, Isa and Kachi. Each can fight on the ground or in the sky with the right equipment, and utilize a diverse mix of evasive maneuvers, melee attacks in close quarters and unique special attacks. The world of Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is packed with enemies ranging from swarms of low to mid-level enemies to over-the-top bosses. In battling all these, players must use their particular mix of offensive and defensive skills to continually build point multiplier bonuses as they cash in on the enemies that they conquer. The game supports a variety of controller/controller configurations, two-player play and an online international leaderboard.

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What I played was good. I got filtered by one of the bosses. I need to try again.

Probably one of the coolest games I will ever play.

one of the most fun games ive ever played, with a brilliantly arcadey nonsensical cutscenes and story. the wii pointer usage is incredible here

This is peak video games. I love shooting ninjas on wakeboards and every cutscene is either incredibly hype or makes me laugh.

A good bullethell time with the classic control scheme of its predecessor or (recommended!) nunchuck+ wii mote aiming.
awesome and challenging bossfights bundled in stages mish mashed of 3D and 2D environments.
Unlike the first game you can move freely about in every direction, with enemies compensating for your flexibility with extra barrages of projectiles amongst some rather spongy enemies designed for you to use your charged shot, which takes a bit of time to get back.
You have your neutral shots, lock on feature with weaker bullets and a powerful close range attack whenever you hit the trigger at something close in proximity. As well as a convenient dodge roll. The controls are constantly busy, and using the ir aiming instead of right analog clears out a lot of the harder hand cordination which the classic control scheme moreso requires.
The charge shot adds a constant pressure of prioritising whether to use it against rows of lighter enemies vs the more spongy units, maintaining the stage and keeping mobs at bay while dodging bullets and hazards is the meat of the game and mostly the game works except for a few segments where the depth perception makes incoming projectiles and enemy spawns hard to keep in track. .
Bossfights are a-plenty and they all stand out with fun and challenging patterns of bullethells and hazards you'll need to adapt to while slowly curving down sizable HP bars with as many charge shots as you can muster outside of your weaker neutral artillery.
While differing from its predecessor with its new couple implementations it is a really fun arcady shooter that does well in its own right.

Fun and challenging as per usual with Treasure. I need to go back to it one of these days.