released on Jan 01, 1994

Arianna, a young sorceress, has been kidnapped by Ashura. Sky has pledged his life to rescuing her. Sky must venture through many colorful stages and nice background effects. Skyblazer is a blend of side-scrolling fighting with magical skills. Locating potions to recover energy and gaining magic points to thrash the enemies becomes a major part of the gameplay. Sky can also stick to and climb vertically up walls.

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Basically the same game as Hook on snes and its good, not amazing but good. Graphics and snes and controls are a little strange to get used to but nothing horrible. If I hear one more uninformed person say that this is a "hidden" gem.

Game developers: let’s make a fun platformer that takes place in a lush fantasy world loosely based on ancient Indian mythology
North American cover designers: let’s give the hero cool shades and a jetpack

Having Sky in the name is perfect because the main character is very floaty in his movements, but it feels very good to control! The platforming is perfect for the ways you can move around and it expands more with the power ups you unlock, this really is one of the more fun SNES platformers I've played so far.
The art direction is great, is so weird seeing a fantasy world inspired by Hindu aesthetics and mythos, and visually it looks beautiful, the spritework is very pretty, and I personally really liked the enemy design, the fantasious approach is very good, and the creative approaches in the design of the bosses is something I loved.
I really liked the power ups and you can use them in surprisingly creative ways in some places. This makes the game very easy sometimes but honestly I like when you're a bit overpowered in games, is fun as long as it's fair and this is a good example, with the most basic instance how you can sacrifice using a power up in exchange for health, how certain bosses become laughably easy with the correct attacj pattern, so on and so forth.
The only things that push this game down for me is that one, this game is ridiculously short, and if you knowwhere to go in the two labyrinth levels then you can basically finish this game in around two hours, there seems to be some hints that MAYBE there where plans for it to be even a bit longer, with stuff like the flying levels being so short and few.
The second problem I feel is some slight dificulty spikes, which I put in the category of "very easy but very stupid", you know the ones, where you can see that the mistake was on you but the game is made in such a way that making said mistake is also thanks to the way the game itself works. The prime example whpuld be the true final boss which literally consist of just two attack patterns but if you get hit you can die in one or two hits. This however happens very few times across the game.
Overall this is a very good package of a game that had the potential of being more, but is very nice just as it is anyways.

Breezy acrobatics, clever stage design and a beautiful-but-foreboding world make this a great follow to Ukiyotei's prior Hook - really feels like a realization of all the tone they intended for that. Lite-Buddhist themes in both the story and environmental art give it a somber sense of closure, like a true struggle for self-actualization ending in eternal peace. Really solid on all corners, even if it's still fairly low-budget and weak in some departments (these bosses can go to hell).
And it's name is SKYBLAZER - it's too raw.

I remember randomly finding this game in my ROM list years ago and just playing it for 30 minutes and thought it was really cool. It took me till now to actually sit down and play it all the way through.
This is a fun 2D action game where you can climb walls, kick and punch enemies, use special powers, and face many obstacles. You have some good control here but sadly there's some issues with the movement occasionally when you land. It's also a little too easy to stick to walls at times. Otherwise it's pretty good stuff.
There's also some bosses that aren't too challenging especially when you know the strategies but they'll give you cool powers that will help you throughout the adventure. It also is good about letting you use most of the game. I do wish you didn't start with only half though when a new life happens.
I honestly would love to say this is a really good hidden gem but it comes with one issue. The game is way too short. This is the saddest part of the game for me. I wish there was more of it but it just feels unfinished because of it. Even some of the gimmicks in levels while fun outside of the water, get reused sometimes even with how little there is. There's even a boss rush, why!
The game does look nice and they even got that mode 7 I think everyone likes for the bonus stages and credits. The sprites for the game got a unique style for the era though they remind me of something, idk what. The music doesn't really captivate me but it's not bad.
I really want to love this game more but it's just missing the things to make it great. I hear this one is kind of a spiritual successor to a licensed game called Hook but I've never played it. It's worth a quick playthrough if you're curious as it's still very good, but I can't help but wish I could play more. I'll miss it.

joya algo desconocida, el control del personaje es buenísimo, aunque se me hizo algo corto al rejugarlo, los niveles tienen su desafío y el juego te obliga a usar las habilidades adquiridas cuando es necesario.