Slap City

released on Sep 17, 2020

Slap City is a streamlined platform fighter with characters and locations from the Ludosity universe! Slap your way through multiplayer modes like Battle and Slap Ball either locally or online!

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Slap City came out not long before Smash Bros Ultimate, and was a perfect game to play for a little while before Smash came out.
The game is silly, competently made, with tons of love, flair, fun combos and unique character. It does everything it needs to, while also offering tons of extra "fun" modes. The game got dev support for about 4 years, which is actually longer than Smash Ultimate did.
Overall a very fun game with satisfying combos. Makes for a fantastic party game too. That said, it did not offer enough to be a staple of my friends group, and we never really found ourselves coming back to this game more than a few times.

My favorite plataform fighter, i adore the characters and their movesets are super fun. Goddess of Destruction is the most fun i've ever had in one of these games. Tetron also feels amazing to play and it's the closest i can do to a Potemkin Buster. I love Remedy and she makes me happy but i can't play her at all.
The story mode is pretty nice too.

it slaps
thank you very much

I wish I had friends. Oh the game? its okay.