Snowboard Kids

released on Dec 12, 1997

The kids are arguing about their snowboarding skills. The debate escalates to the point where they decide to hold a snowboarding tournament to determine who is the best. One character, Shinobin, has no involvement whatsoever until he is unlocked by the player.

In addition to the usual gameplay of a snowboarding game, Snowboard Kids adds "Shots" (special weapons used to attack players) and items which can help the player, hinder other players, or both.

The game has nine main courses. Although some of the courses are snowy mountains, many are courses that would be unorthodox for snowboarding in the real world. Such courses include an amusement park, a desert, a vast valley, a dark highway, and a Japanese village during the cherry blossom festival.

There were several game mechanics that were unique to Snowboard Kids from other snowboard games and racing games at the time. One was the addition of the second item slot, allowing each player to carry a shooting item and support item (such as a rock, or invisibility) at the same time. Also, players needed to pay 100 gold in order to grab an item during the race, which could be obtained either through performing tricks or collecting coins scattered across the course. All courses also required players to race down the hill for multiple laps. Once a player had reached the bottom of the hill, he or she would need to pass through the lift gate to be transported back to the top of the hill, and could not be attacked by other players in this transition.

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I think I need to spend more time with this game, but right now I feel validated in having forgotten about it after my childhood. I see good things in it, but clicking with the gameplay is a hard process.

Esse eu tive que fazer até analíse, Fede, Fede muito

This review contains spoilers

This was one of the first Nintendo 64 games my brother's and I played growing up. Unfortunately, unlike its predecessors it does have a lot to be desired. You see Snowboard Kids is (in a sense) basically Mario Kart but not too bad. You get 3 sets of offensive items and 1 for defense/evasion and race down a mountain or high area until you reach the finish line/ lift. As a bonus the game makes you work for those item boxes via executing tricks. It isn't bad considering the rewards on the field and off when buying new boards or color customs. The music is nostalgic and represents well what console it is on. But that doesn't mean this game is without flaws or continuity. For example, most races take place on snowy roads. I say most because some don't and while it is fun racing down grassy/sandy roads that kinda takes you out of the "snow" aspect the game preaches. But that is only two courses out of the playable nine. Then there is the main campaign and cast of characters. One of the characters by the way looking a little too "mature" physically for a 11/12-year-old (Linda). The others being rambunctious rivals and friends. Although Nancy and Tommy are chill. Our wonder bread starter character Slash Kamei is the competitive, troublemaker who is seen as the group's leader but can take his antics too far. Him and Jam are the goofs that get into all kinds of mischief. You get that in the final cutscene. However, that's about it. No developments or story plot. Just a couple quick game modes then the end. The CPU's don't make getting into the game that easy either since when playing the main campaign, the difficulty jumps rapidly between the 4th and 6th courses. And don't get me started on the last three... It is fun but there is a reason why my siblings and even friends who were taught this game prefer Snowboard Kids 2! I come back for the memories, to flex with Shinobin, special tricks, the music, and chaotic races but that's about it.

always a hoot. need to have a word with those damn snowman powerups.

The greatest game of all time

A novel racing game held back by a furiously aggressive set of computer players out for blood. Very difficult, remedied in the PS1 version with a hit to graphics.