Solatorobo: Red the Hunter

released on Oct 28, 2010

Set out on an adventure amid floating islands and witness a world brought to life by renowned designers and animators. Battle robot enemies, build your strength and undertake quests as you journey through the Shepherd Republic and meet fascinating characters. Take control of Red as hes drawn into an epic tale and becomes responsible for the fate of the world. Compete with friends who own Solatorobo in all-action races round circuits floating in the sky.

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Rpg con notevoli idee di gameplay ma soprattutto veramente ben scritto, l'unico difetto sorprendentemente non è l'elemento furry imperante ma il fatto che non ci sia mai sfida. Spesso questo elemento uno lo potrebbe vedere come irrisorio, ma quando un gioco ti chiede decine e decine di ore senza proporti mai una vera sfida incomincia ad insinuarsi una noia anche quando l'opera è ben scritta. Quindi qua mi viene da dire che nonostante il bel gameplay e la base del combat system siano densi di idee apprezzabili non escono mai dalla fase iniziale (che questa poi sia anche una idea ei marketing ben precisa perché ti permette di raggiungere più pubblico è vero e ci stazl, surreale infatti che sia così poco conosciuto)

I didn't know this game even existed until this year. I watched a video about it and was completely hooked on wanting to play it for myself. Now that I have I can safely say this is one of my favorite games I've played. Everything about it is just so much of what I love.
The story alone blew me away. Even with having been spoiled on a large chunk of it from the video I watched I still was enthralled with everything. The characters all get great development. There's a lot I want to say but honestly I dont wanna spoil it at all for anyone. I feel it's truly best experienced on your own. I can't imagine how much more I would've been in love with it had I played this fully blind.
The gameplay is great and although simple at first gains some more depth by the second half. The biggest complaint I have is just the fact that there's no challenge to any fights. But I think the fast pacing and how often new environments and mechanics are introduced helps mitigate that issue at least a little.
There's so much I could talk about but really all I have to say... play this. Your only way is to emulate it unless you really wanna spend a couple hundred on a copy. But either way this is an amazing gem that sadly never got the recognition it deserved. I would love for another game to try at the ideas introduced here, and to get more of the amazing world that was developed throughout the narrative. Hopefully I can get some of that when I give Fuga a try.

Act 1: Basic but well-written JRPG story
Act 2: Furryvangelion

Jesus fucking christ that was a game.
Took my time with this one for sure, longest I've been playing a game since Yakuza 0. And it was worth it. This game is amazing, all the characters are fun with not a single one I didn't really like, the story is great (though moreso Part Two than anything, I like Part One but it's definitely weaker overall), and the gameplay is fun and also equally still as fun once you break the stats in half and accidentally give yourself 99 Attack.
I'll be honest, outside of a few bits of dialogue that.. definitely aged badly (like the whole "you're a girl??? but you're not girly!" and the Elh Reveal Scene), there's really not anything I disliked about this game. It's really good, and I'm looking forward to playing the Fuga series eventually.

outdated comedy aside, this game is pure, raw, unfiltered DS content. it reeks of early 2010's anime energy, and the world is so full of life and content. the story is also very good, lowkey made me cry several times