released on Nov 15, 2022

In the wake of catastrophe you must find the means to make your family whole again. Somerville is a Sci-Fi adventure grounded in the intimate repercussions of large scale conflict.

Immerse yourself in a hand-crafted narrative experience set across a vivid rural landscape. Navigate your way through the perilous terrain ahead of you to unravel the mysteries of Earth's visitors.

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Big innovation from Inside. This time you walk from right to left

Despite heavily trading on having its development led by ex-Playdead staff, Somerville a significant downgrade from Inside in about every possible way (poor optimization, some unnecessarily confusing level design, a story with interesting ideas that fails to stick the landing); still, its puzzles and set pieces are solid enough that it’s worth playing for fans of short, very linear cinematic action-adventure games, especially while it’s on Game Pass.
(I can’t really call this a “cinematic platformer” when there’s no jumping, though its linearity and cinematic pacing make that subgenre the closest point of comparison.)

The vibes are still in tact for the most part but Somerville is definitely a bit of a step down from what you'd expect from ex-Playdead devs. There are some crazy scenes and the scale can be impressive at times but everything top to bottom is just a little less interesting than Inside and Limbo.
Visual esthetic especially is pretty lacking here compared to some of these other games.
There are also some tough to explore, tough to control areas as well that can be a tad frustrating to deal with. If you liked the Playdead type games though, Somerville will still hit the spot for the most part, given it's short run time as well, it's still a game that can be a chill and harmless weekend playthrough.

Somerville isn't as hard as previous games made by this dev team, makers of both Limbo and Inside which I played and finished both late last year and early this year. The puzzles are more straightforward and not as mind puzzling which in my opinion is good sometimes so you can just enjoy the story. This game I believe benefits from being more of a simpler 2d puzzler game as I was able to enjoy the story and art style more.
The story is good simple find your family plot but it works well,
Gameplay is simple enough with only 2 abilities throughout the whole game the mechanic of them is really fun. I honestly only had an issue with 1 or 2 puzzles as I wasn't really thinking hard enough.
Music is quite good simple enough that it blends into the background of the game that you don't even know it is there.
Art is lovely and unique and really pops in the colorful parts.
I would recommend this if you have game pass (I played it like this) , get it on a sale and or a big fan of the developers previous 2 games

Chiaramente ispirato a INSIDE ma con un’impronta digitale decisamente più cinematografica. Non si può negare che si tratta di una esibizione di grande impatto scenico. Ma a differenza di INSIDE che era densissimo di simbologia e significato, seppure (volutamente) ultra-minimalista nello stile scenico, Somerville è la dimostrazione che ampliare la profondità visiva con trucchi da prestigiatore non basta a riempire lo spazio vuoto lasciato da un soggetto da maestro.

É tipo LIMBO ou INSIDE só que RUIM.
Sei lá, meio que nada no jogo é bom (Talvez a ideia do começo da narrativa com um clima meio de terror/suspense seja a melhor coisa deste jogo todo mas infelizmente o game se perde rápido). A gameplay do jogo é de longe a parte mais frustrante dele, a ideia em si é muito boa e te empolga, mas a execução é simplesmente terrível.
Além de todos os problemas do jogo em si, os problemas dos controles vão muito além disso, eles são simplesmente inconsistentes demais. Cansei de contar as vezes que eu simplesmente não conseguia guiar o personagem na direção certa, a jogabilidade é toda muito dura.
Pra finalizar o combo negativo o desempenho do jogo é simplesmente BIZONHO, chegando a ter quedas de frames que fazem o áudio ficar picotado e dessincronizado com o game.
"Somerville" tinha tudo para ser um jogo tão bom e tão grande quanto LIMBO e INSIDE, pois seus puzzles são muito interessantes e a ambientação é maravilhosa, mas tudo isso é ofuscado pelos problemas de desempenho e jogabilidade.
Simplesmente parece que o jogo não teve polimento algum.
- Apesar dos pesares os gráficos são bonitos.
- Atmosfera imersiva sem conter dialogo algum.
- Mal otimizado.
- Controles não funcionam direito.
- Conclusão confusa.