Sonic Labyrinth

released on Nov 17, 1995

Dr. Robotnik has created a world of 3D mazes, into which he has thrown Sonic and added a whole new dimension to his life! Now the Dude with Attitude can spin dash in every direction - collecting keys to access hidden levels and bonus rooms as he never could before. Can you help guide Sonic through the maze and past the all-new clan of evil Bosses to defeat the damnable Doctor?

It is also playable on Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut and in the PC, Nintendo 3DS, and on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox editions of Sonic Mega Collection Plus. The game features isometric 3D gameplay similar to Sonic 3D. Sonic and Robotnik are the only characters in this game.

Sonic Labyrinth was also released on the Nintendo e-Shop for the Nintendo 3DS's Virtual Console on 28 June 2013.

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A game that gets a lot of hate and I dont know why. People say its slow but if it was fast than you would just run into everything a die, it needs to be at this pace. The spindash can get you to the end of areas anyway if you dont want to walk. The game is simple yet fun and only low IQ people don't like it frankly.

mudança brusca na jogabilidade do sonic, dá muita raiva mas até que consigo engolir

Sonic but it's a slow physics based puzzler with shitty physics... not the best game but there can be redeeming qualities seen... just not thru my eyes

how did 'sonic, but what if he was really, really, really slow and and his spindash controls like a tank charging headlong into the front lines' leave the cutting room floor.
i don't care what anyone says about 'dark age' this, 'meta age' that, this era was truly the worst time to be a sonic fan. don't like this? oh, how about some sonic 3d blast? maybe some sonic drift? how about this 400 dollar console with no sonic games? you like that? huh? no? well tough shit, kid, 1998 is miles away.

Either you control ridicoulously slow (it's Sonic, weird, I know), or you spindash and can't control anything.
I mean, that's all that needs to be said. Nevermind that the rest of the game is boring and the concept itself is uninteresting.