South Park: Chef's Luv Shack

released on Oct 12, 1999

South Park: Chef's Luv Shack is a 2D game-show style video game based on the television show South Park. It gained its popularity by having mini games and the ability to play against friends in a challenge for the most points. It also involves trivia questions about South Park and other topics.
The game intermittently switches between questions and minigames, with a minigame proceeding every three questions. Players score points by answering questions first (correctly) and based on minigame ranking. Players lose points for questions answered incorrectly. The game is exclusively multiplayer, as when played by one player, there is no AI, so that player always wins, even with a negative score

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This review contains spoilers

First thing I did after booting off the game was watch the episode where Chef Dies

Comedy Central saw You Don't Know Jack and said "let's do that, but with bad Mario Party minigames". This game lacks the sweet, sweet lovin' that we've come to know from Chef...

trivia game where the questions fucking suck but the vibe and humor is fun. the little i know about watching south park clips on my dad's ipod in 2012 tell me this is pretty authentic. was surprisingly fond of the atari-esque minigames between stages too.
but why does the n64 version run so choppy during every section except the minigames????? you'd think the quiz portions with no collision checks or otherwise intensive logic would run a stable 60. genuinely couldn't tell if it was a hardware problem or if they purposely made it run choppy to match the show.

Mario Party-type mini games without the board. Sure, we can get straight to the point but after a few games you’ve already played everything. (1 hour maybe) The games are fun though. This game could be higher, but even with friends they can ruin it by spamming the buzz in button when answering South Park questions.

It's kind of hilarious that if someone hypothetically asked me "what's the best South Park game from 5th gen" that the answer would be the trivia game with multimedia flash-like games ripping off Midway arcade titles. It's a tad depressing in a way that the "Spank The Monkey" game where you and Mr. Mackey play Simon Says with a four-assed Monkey's asses solo both the shitty Turok reskin and the kart racer without even using it's final form or it's bankai.
The questions can vary wildly on the "is this answerable by someone from 2022" scale, heavily depending on your knowledge of the early seasons of the show. The outdated celebrity trivia for the time being is probably only on a "4" at least compared to the "10", which would be the Capcom arcade title Quiz & Dragons where a low-level slime or a who-gives-a-shit orc could potentially devastate your entire party and rob you of your pocket change via asking shit like "what color were the drapes in the 1957 movie "Quest for Penis" starring Harvey Shitstain?". The downright mystifying type of lunacy that may as well had been the question asking me "how much methane does Eric Cartman produce in a day" or "what kind of porn do I (the trivia game) enjoy"?
Chef's Luv Shack is fun, but also unfortunately very anti-lone wolf and does not come with bots to play with you sans like two mini-games, because playing Warlords by yourself would be kinda pointless. It's fun for about half an hour tops once you cycled through all the games and chose the category "Robert Smith Kicking Ass" like six times (because why wouldn't you?), otherwise you'll be wishing there were three other people to play with to laugh along with to the idiocy that's provided and even then I think the questions start repeating pretty quick.
I know it comes off like I'm pulling your leg when I say that the "Spank The Monkey" game is better than the other two full release South Park games, but I'm frank as Frankenstein with that statement. It would've still been potentially a waste of money to buy this back then, but buying the FPS game or South Park Rally would've left the nicest of people in a terrible state of bloodlust smashing chairs over their pet's head due to the knowledge they spent money and precious time on those pieces of shit. I could be rating this game a bit high due to it's competition, but Chef's Luv Shack may as well be Spyro 2 or Attack of the Mutant Penguins compared to those other two loser games.