Spectral vs. Generation

released on Apr 20, 2006

The fate of a land rests in the hands of fearless fighters, united in their quest to control the power of the Earth temple. Master devastating attacks and vanquish your enemies in this epic struggle between good and evil!

Spectral VS Generation is a 2D versus fighting game in which you take control of one of ten fighters from the Spectral Force series and Generation of Chaos series. The cause for all the fighting is apparently to decide who will claim the powers of the of the fabled Earth temple.

The fighters to choose from are Ice witch Mayura, War gale Weles, Empress of darkness Roze, Northern knight Eril, Sword master Kryce, Aristocrat of Darkness Jado, Holy fist Ryuken, Explosion child Hiro, Wyvern of the East Drochimaru and Holy god earth. Each fighter has their own weapon and fighting techniques which include special attacks and fights are best of three. The game offers an Arcade mode, Training mode and Survival mode for single player as well as an VS mode for multiplayer.

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Esse jogo é meio goofy, pra todo elogio tem um adendo. É bonitinho mas parece que espremeram os sprites, é gostoso de jogar mas é meio pesado e os golpes não tem peso (?), a OST é legal mas meio meh, e pra cada boneco daora tem um sem graça.
EDIT: Ok, eu fui ver e aparentemente o jogo é 16:9, então tive que fazer o fightcade forçar e esticar, e o jogo ficou muito mais Ainda é meio estranho, a OST é bem ruim, mas o visual cresceu em mim e a gameplay até que é boa depois que aprende, o boss é difícil pra krl.
Além disso, o jogo tem um dos lutadores de bajiquan mais daoras que já joguei em um jogo de luta, vai pra listinha de fodinhas junto com a Miyako, Yun, Akira entre outros putões.

O boss do jogo se chama HOLY GOD EARTH.
Só tenho isso a dizer.

I'm bad at fighting games, this seems fun, I couldn't beat the boss if I had a million years.

This game uses the Doritos font.

Bastard son between samsho and pre-blazblue arcsys, never knew that an air-dasher like this existed on 2005, it's another of those that has mechanics directlly taken from other FGs, but in the end it doesn't really stand out from other games of the type, and general it feels a litle bit unpolished, not in the way on like hftf or the original melty blood, those games are usually described with the phrase "flawed but fun" only for the balance and how absurdly broken is the cast, this game is pretty well balanced, a bottom tier character has a super that's a fullscreen and can zone like he was fucking guile from sf2, this game feels unpolished on the way like a random mugen pack that you randomly downloaded, hftf and og melty are certified kusoges because they're unbalanced on a exaggerated level that stands out, SvG doesn't stand out on any other way, i'm not saying that "the game needs to be broken to be fun", im making a example of how a FG from this type can be more than just having cool characters (and from my knowledge, this game is a cross over between two JRPG franchises)
Overall, it's deffinetlly not bad, atleast characters stand from each other, making it not that repetitive, it's not hard to pick up and the wiki on mizuumi is pretty good, but when i try any character even with friends i always have a "ehhhh" face, i might change how i percieve this game with the time but while is not boring, matrimelee is also on fightcade and is way more interesting, i would recommend if you're the type of guy that likes optimizing and theching the most of a fighthing game.
Oh, it also has a universal parry mechanic, it's NOT a good parry mechanic, but it's there.
OST fucks tho.

Crossover de juegos que no conoce ni mi puta madre. Esta bien porque Earth es Devil Jin 2D